Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Montana State Championship

Tomorrow is the Montana State Cyclocross Championship. It's been a great year in Montana. The biggest year since I've been racing. The course is set and ready to rock. We had a great crew setting up this morning (KSS, Fiore, JBrooks, JDoll, Bobby, and Tamara). The course ended up being twisty and contained. The Fort doesn't have alot of elevation gain so we made it hard where we could. I think it's a wonderful course that reminds me of the vintage Hartman course setting days (including the hopable barriers). The weather looks good, and the Fort should provide a nice backdrop for the drama to unfold. For some reason I always rememember the state races in Montana. I can replay last year's race in my head like it was yesterday. I think others are the same way.....

Tomorrow's course should be suited towards power riders who are good in the corners. There are 4 potential dismounts per lap, but one is hopable. The dismounts don't involve heavy running, with only one short run up. I expect to see riders like Proctor, and Lussier to have solid races. Besides the Men's A's I think the Masters is going to be the battle to watch. Fiore vs Wehyrich vs Cochran, great racing! Also, the women should put on a nice show with LDouglas confirming her appearance and maybe a possible showing by Tracy Thomas. LCurry will be tough to beat if she races with the ladies....and look for another state championship from the Bozeman native.

Maybe Vertical Earth will show and we can have another Idaho vs Montana battle......

Regardless, the course is ready, the Pabst is on ice, let's get ready to rumble!

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