Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Missoula DNRC Cyclocross/GIRO Movie - SUNDAY

At this point in the week I think most folks have already decided whether or not their attending 5VV cross. The race is on Sunday, and the flier is below. You can click on it to make it bigger. The course is being designed by John Wehyrich and the race is being put on by Bessettii (new Italian spelling, he's so Euro), KSS, and myself. We're not bringing in the heavy Rolling Thunder artillery but we've got some nice touches. Music, and possible live announcer, creek bed crossing, forest riding, and all the best Montana cross racers. There should be some rowdy fans on site to cheer on the racers. If you come in Saturday evening be sure to attend the Missoula Bicycle Works Party at 7pm, and the Giro Discovery Movie Premier at 8pm. The event is a fundraiser for UM Triathlon. This is a cyclocross blog, but shout out to UM Triathlon, I'm expecting big things out of Matty Shryock, Luebbbbbbke and Ben Hhhhhhhoran. I posted the Movie trailer above for folks who are not familiar with the Giro Discovery. Shout out to Ruby. Jensen is coming to town this weekend, as is Pitbull, Halpin, and Cman. Should be wild. Group MTB ride at 1pm Saturday meeting at Dales (Monroe and Cherry).

Back to cross. I wasn't there last week, but it sounds like J Curry had another good ride. Also up there was Geoff and Scotty. Hopefully the MT Velo crew will head over to Zoo town this weekend. I think we've got another fast power course on are hands. That should favor John, but I don't really know what doesn't favor John at this point??? Regardless count on State Champs to be twisty, running, and recovery sections. Sunday will be fun. Hopefuly some Missoula CXer's will be out. Hope to see ya'll on Saturday evening. Man, Big Wells killed it in Boulder, read his blog for sweet updates.

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