Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helena #8 - Andrew Genco Reporting

It’s official, I’ve made it, wants me to write a race report. I never thought I’d be given such an honor, but lady luck is smiling down on me. Anyway the race this weekend in Helena was enjoyable despite the small turnout. All morning the skies looked like they could open up at any time, however the rain never came. The course was a nice mix of steep climbs and descents, 180 degree turns, and long straightaways. I lined up behind Proctor at the start, hoping that I could hold his wheel for the first fifty feet. That didn’t happen and by the time we’re over the first set of barriers I’m in firm control of DFL. While the fast guys head off to do their racing thing, I just try to find something that resembles a rhythm. Halfway through I’m starting not to feel too terrible, and do my best to avoid getting lapped by Curry before the last lap. Not surprisingly Curry laps we with two laps to go on his way to a textbook victory. That’s how it ends, three cheers for Kyle, Big Fiore, Mini Fiore, KG, and “Dollar” Bill Martin for representing Missoula at the race. I’m looking forward to this weekend’s race in Missoula, and the post race kegger at Shaun’s house (he’ll provide directions to his house at the venue). That’s all I got, hope you felt something that resembles enjoyment.


Bill said...

Have you ever grabbed a dollar bill from a man's ass crack at 25 MPH .... try it! LOL, nice post Andrew!

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