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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Night Men's B

The Missoula Wednesday Night scene has been dominated by the men's B. Over the last two weeks 39 racers have shown up (26 on week 1 and 32 on week 2). It's the closest thing we have to the big series races like Cross Crusade and Seattle Cyclocross. It's a feat if you can get through the traffic and take a top 3. The picture above gives you a good synopsis of who's been hanging on the front. Week 1 was won by Bookwalter on a mountain bike and week 2 was won by Dillon on the road bike converted flat bar cyclocross bike. Is that sign? Can the upright guys cut through the masses better? Regardless, I've been distracted at the races and not giving the men's B enough credit. I'm going to take some time now and give props to a couple folks.

Props to my man Ben Brunsvold. He's never raced a day in his life. I've heard rumors he's never ridden over 10 miles?? He comes out and grabs a 10th and a 13th with his oversized helmet covering his eyes.

Props to the road racers who stayed motivated and are coming out to show their stuff; Larson, Twohig, Lenaburg, and Ely. Great job fellas.

Props to Hurst and Dusty for repping the cyclocross only racers. Dusty are know your racing road in the spring, but right now your a cross only guy! Great job last week Tyler.

Anyways, the point of the post is draw attention to where the real racing his happening. I raced B's for two years and it was the most competitive racing I've ever done. You can't let up or make mistake because someone will pass you. The B scene has been awesome this year. Keep in mind all you newbies the past two winners have been on none traditional cross bikes. You can race anything and be competitive.

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