Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday Night #4 - The battles continue

Thank you Horanimal for setting up the course last night.

As I was disappointed as I fell from the A's.........until I realized the B's were coming on strong and I finally would be able to provide a solid report for the B men. The lead group was riding super fast. They were all together until with 2 or 3 laps to go when Greg Larson put in a big surge. The lead pack contained NRO riders Dan Pierce and Jessie Doll (I think), J Dunph, Bookwalter, Genco, A Riley, and maybe a couple others I've forgotten. It looked like the FVV man just splintered the group in the latter laps as riders were spread everywhere. Great work by Larson to be agressive and go earn his first victory.

The A's started with Dave, Bob, and Elliot getting fast starts. Soon, the dust settled and the lead group formed with Dale, Bob, and Dave. Elliot was chasing hard in 4th and Martini was pushing him in 5th. Martini outlasted EB for 4th. Fiore was consistent in 6th. After that I'm not sure. I think Wehyrich was pushing hard in 7th (1st in masters). Bob took his 4 consecutive victory, with Dave coming in 10 s back, and then Douger. Great racing by the leaders.

Ladies racing continues to heat up. Lots of women on the course last night. Soph got second and I think Nicky took first again.

Great racing in preparation for Rolling Thunder!

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Love the get up dale!