Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, October 3, 2008

Montana Ladies and Cyclocross

Thanks for voting on the ladies poll. I thought that with a big prize giveaway at Rolling Thunder more ladies would race. The poll disagrees, and ranks first timer/beginner races as the best way to get more women involved. Great feedback, thank you. Also, the idea of having female cyclocross role models is really worth while. I think beginners would be more receptive to a pro lady then a pro man. Maybe we could get Sue Butler to roll out for a camp. Even better let's just wait till L Curry becomes a pro and use her services :).

Rolling Thunder registration is now open. Like Geoff's Helena race starting position will be based off of MBRA series standings. The one change for Thunder is that last year's winners all get a front row spot. This only applies to champions racing in the same category they won last year. For folks who don't have MBRA points the call up will be based on registration order.

Isn't that a sweet photo of Dave hopping the barrier at Wednesday night #2?


Lisa Curry said...

It sounds like a women's cross clinic would be a good idea for next Fall. I would be willing to help make it happen.

Shaun Radley said...

Lisa, I agree. I'll organize it. Maybe cross skills in the morning and a practice race in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

If you would be interested, I have a connection to Carmen D'Aluisio (Team Clif Bar,9th at Worlds'03)she does some clinics and I know she would like to visit MT. Let me know if you'd like some help.