Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Missoula Wednesday Night Cyclocross #3

I got to the venue around 1pm to set up the course. I had my winter coat, hat, and gloves preparing for the chilly weather that was predicted. After setting up a quarter of the course I started getting super hot and stripped down to a tshirt. With Fiore's help we finished setting the course early and I got to chill out for a bit. With the strong wind and dropping temperatures I literally started chilling out. I put all my winter clothes back on. Maybe it's a sign of things to come in Big Sky/Bozeman?

Seriously though I'm pumped on the weather for Big Sky/Bozeman. We don't get enough crazy weather in Montana cyclocross. If there was even an inch of snow on the ground you'd be talking about it with your buddies for years. Check out this You Tube video.

The race was crazy last night. Sully said it felt like the Halloween Race. People were all over the course. The pit of despair made it's first appearance of the season, and did not receive a warm welcome. There were lots of flats, crashes, and overall crazy race experiences. I don't think I'll bring that back next year. I cleaned the course after wards and missed the awards presentation. Bobby took the A's, but battled with Hartman. I rode in third for the first part of the race but was swallowed by Wehyrich and then Martin. Behind me came a hard charging Dan Dahlberg , then I think Fiore, Bessetto, and KSS.

In the B's T Hurst looked impressive again, as did Dillon, Greg Larson, and DT JB.

Biggest ladies turnout yet. Several sweet Debuts by Sarah, and G Sullivan.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting up the course. I thought the pit of dispair was the best part!