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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ladies Poll - Inspired by Sue Butler

I watched Star Crossed and was inspired by Sue Butler. I've followed her career in cyclocross over the past couple seasons primarily because she's from the Portland area and I like to see the northwest folks do well. Also, I was intrigued seeing her and Wendy Williams continue to ride for River City Cycles. It's a sweet team but I always thought both of them had the talent to ride for a bigger team if they wanted too. For this season Sue has moved to the Monavie Cannondale Team. She's only been racing cross for 4 years and really made a name for herself at Start Crossed. She's a product of Portland grass roots racing. I don't know a ton about the scene in Portland but I do know that it doesn't hurt having local top notch riders stay around and develop the local scene.

The ladies poll this week was inspired by Sue Butler. She has made a name for herself in the Portland area. She raced the cross crusades and became a role model for cross ladies in Portland. She's now made it to a bigger stage, and continues to be a beakon for ladies in the northwest.

For the poll if you ladies think I missed an option that really says how you feel please write a comment. You can make it anonymous.

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