Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, September 22, 2008

Star Crossed/Rad Racing the first look

I like the comment on my last post about the grammar. My grammar is always bad but two nights ago it was particularly bad. I wanted to write something, but it was late and so I just scribbled. Rad Racing yesterday was great. Everyone had solid races.

In the 4's Joel Brown led the charge with a solid 8th place. Bryce Daviess made his cross debut and ended up 18th.

The 3 race saw Elliot, Matty, and myself have excellent starts. Bessette held on for a great 8th place. Matty and myself battled through mechanicals. I ended up 19th and Matty's bike stopped working on the last lap. KSS had solid consistent race and finished up in 35th.

In the masters race MT Cross rider John Fiore showed us young guns how to ride with a great 5th place. Missoula homie Mike Longmire road excellent to claim 2nd in the same race.

Dave Towle was giving Montana shout outs all day long. He was impressed that there were other people hitting cross in Montana besides Geoff Proctor. I thought it was funny, because almost everyone we talked to who was in the scene asked if we knew Geoff. It was great for the team, and cross in Montana.

Above are the first take photos from Kevin Horan. STAR CROSSED

Look for race reports to start coming in. I started it off with my report of Rad Racing.

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