Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Star Crossed - I'm exhausted

Star Crossed had come and gone. Downtown JB has the photos for this post because I got to wild watching to elite race and forgot to take photos. Here's a quick summary.

Montana ladies Sophia and Kelly has good races. Kelly creeped into the top 25 and Soph rounded out the top 40.

In the masters J. Fiore held his own on the technical terrain and placed in the first half of the 80 rider field.

In the 3 race Bessette started hot and over cooked it in a corner. He flatted out. Toby was killing it. Even with his last row starting position he managed a 11th place. Horan and I rode together for awhile until he started attacking the group we were in to soften them up. It worked perfectly and helped me slot into the top 30. Kyle rode strong, but got injured early on and had to tough it out in the second half of the bunch.

In the elite race Dale drank to much coffee and started the race in the last starting position. He worked his way up but killer side ache ruined his evening. He ended up maybe in the top 40. Team Kona and battled for the victory. Powers outlasted Trebon as he was having trouble passing lapped riders. Notable performances came from Russell Stevenson who finished 5th, and Nick Weighall who cracked the top ten.

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grammar much worse than usual, how was the beer garden?