Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, September 29, 2008

Montana Cyclocross #1 - Butte - Currys, Fiore, Vanderwood

John Coulthard did another great job with the Copper Mountain CX Race. The course was similar to year's past with the long run-up and technical back side. The only difference was time spent in the Montana traditional field of bumps. Most Montana courses have them and Butte was no different. We switch backed up a field of bumps on the back half of the course.

The day started off hot with the ladies, men's 4, and men's master B. Great showing for the ladies. All the MT Cross Stars were in attendance. Lisa Curry jumped from the gun and a grabbed a big lead on the first lap. H Gaskill chased hard in second but soon flatted her rear tire. Lisa was out in front and wasn't slowing down. Michelle Richardson raced strong for second followed by new comer Laurel Douglas "Douglas" in 3rd. Julianne for Multerro looked super smooth and grabbed 4th ahead of a revived Gaskill and charging KG. It was super fun to watch. Lisa picked up where she left off last season, but Michelle is fit, and wildcards Douglas Douglas and Gaskill should challenge. Great win LC.

The men's 4 race didn't have the numbers I expected but the competition was hot. Missoulian Geneco stole the hole shot and led the first lap. Soon after Karl Vanderwood rode up and passed the leader and never looked back. What initially seemed like the start of a battle at the head of the race snuffed out quickly with Vanderwood powering away from the rest of the field. Alex Schoenfelder on the mountain bike was equally impressive. He towed that beast around the course and held off Geneco for 2nd. The top five was rounded out by Downtown JB and Muleterro's Cory Hardy (nice race big timer). Men's master B was won by Byron Deford who had to battle with all the crazy 4's.

In the new Montana format there are two races. The second race is men 1,2,3 and master men A. There was a great turnout with 19 men 1,2,3 and 7 master men A's. John Curry and Frank G battled for the first part of the race. They rode on a different level. Geoff Proctor looked super good coming in 2nd after a Frank G mechanical. There was a short battle for 4th between Alex Lussier, Bobby, and Dale, but the strongman Lussier outlasted the two MT crossers and they finished in that order. Great ride by Jared Nelson to sneak up into 7th after early troubles. Around that group is where the master's A's were decided. It was a three way race between Fiore, Wehyrich, Longmire, and at times AG. Fiore outlasted everyone except Longmire who grabbed the veteran's wheel. Eventually Fiore wore Longmire down and took a great win. Spectators said Fiore was the fastest up the run-up all day. Wehyrich took a good third followed by Muller and Schoening. After Nelson in the 1,2,3 it was all riders who had there early problems and were trying to recover. Frykman snapped a chain right off the bat and I think Brad passed me back and forth 4 or 5 times. It was great fun and the turnout was awesome. If this is a sign of things to come John Curry is going to be extremely tough to beat not only in Rolling Thunder but in every MT race this year.

Copper Mountain Race Results

Copper Mountain Race Photos - Tom Robertson

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jrad said...

thanks for the kind words SR! i had never rolled a tubular before and hope it never happens again...see you in a couple weeks here in bozeman