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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missoula Wednesday Night Cross Series #1 - Presta kills it

The Wednesday Nighter has finally started. Tim Bechtol once again is putting the series on and was in charge of this weeks course. Tim provided us with his specialty of long laps and bumpy terrain.

Mens/Masters A
There were a ton of riders there. However, when Tim called the Men's A/Master A to step up only 10 or so riders rolled up. We had Bob, Kyle, Matt, Troy, Bessete, Bill, Horan, Dillon, Wehyrich, Fiore, and myself. Sorry if I forgot anyone. I looked back and there were 30 or so Men's B/Master B. Whoa! Great turnout, and great for the future. Not much time to ponder that, because next thing I knew we were shooting down the straightaway. I got the whole shot, and was really surprised to be in the front. It's like what Bryce was talking about in his race report from Rad Racing. Anyways we'll keep it simple for now (hopefully more detail on the team blog). Bob attacked on the first lap through the bumpy field and no one followed. He rode away. Elliot chased hard and spent lots of time solo until Bill caught him about halfway through the race. Bill ended up taking a nasty digger, but was looking strong most of the race. Fiore and Wehyrich rode super consistent and traded blows for most of the race in 1st/2nd Masters, 4th/5th overall. Horangatang faded a bit towards the middle, but him and Troy worked together which allowed Ben's legs to regain strength and put in a good last race charge. Troy rode consistent and did good work all race long. Me and Matty were having bike issues and kept swapping places. Matty ended up not finishing and I hooked up with the Wehyrich/Fiore train. Kyle and Dillon did battle for awhile but I don't know who beat who. Meanwhile, while all this was going on Bob was extending his lead. He had a biggest gap of the whole race. Impressive.

Un-official: Bob, Elliot, Wehyrich, Fiore, Shaun, Horan, Troy, KSS?, Dillon?, Bill?, Matty DNF

Great victory for Sophia SAK Kircos. She has been putting in the time at practice and it paid off. Her technique and overall toughness earned her a well deserved victory. Newcomer Ali rode a great race and finished second. Go Red Dragons! NRO's Joey looked good in third and looks to be a crosser of the future.

Un-offiical: Sophia, Ali, Joey, ???

Mens/Master B
Well this was the real race of the evening. I don't know how many starters there were but it was intimidating. There were lots of dirt mounds on the course and our resident MTBer Jeff Bookwalter put on a show. He stole the victory from a hard charging Andrew and Downtown JB. From other race reports it sounds like Dunphy had a good race, as did Bad Bryce, and Dusty. Boy, Bookwalter is just mean on that mountain bike. What a great result in possibly the biggest B field in all of Wednesday night history. The men's masters B result was close to my heart as Brent Ruby took his first ever victory. This triathlete has finally seen the light and made his name in cross. Great job Brent! Props to T. Sullivan for starting in the back and fighting through the whole field.

Un-offical: Bookwalter, Andrew, D-JB

As usual race reports, corrections, and comments are welcome. Thanks everyone.

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Bill said...

Feeling pretty good considering how I felt picking myself off the ground ... thanks for the good report. I have talked two friends into joining us next week.