Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, August 29, 2008

Rolling Thunder - October 18th - American Legion Field

It's been a bad week for the blog. I've been busy with more important things. Rolling Thunder is well under way. We've added some new course features; a whoop section (very Euro), a sand pit, and a 250 meter grass straightaway with a 2% gradient. The venue will be American Legion Field. Yes, it's out past Reserve Street by the DNRC. The good news is the American Legion folks are super cool and the race will continue to have all of it's unique aspects. Night time racing, beer garden, music, special prizes, and one of a kind course. The racing format will be slightly different this year. The first event of the evening will be men 4's and master B's. Second up will be the women 1,2,3,4 race. The women will be racing by themselves this year. The last event of the evening will start just as the sun's going down. The men 1,2,3 race mixed in with the master A's. In this race we will crown three Rolling Thunder Champions; men 1/2, men 3, and master A.

Linked to the blog I will have a special Rolling Thunder web page that will be dedicated to updates, rankings, and information regarding the race.

Will last year's Rolling Thunder champions defend? Clint Muhfeld, Lisa Curry, Chance Cooke, and Chris Connelly.


Anonymous said...

very cool.

Anonymous said...

This course is going to be straight gnarly.

Unknown said...

Mangy Portland crew likely to be in effect. Watch out!!

Anonymous said...

I must say I am happy about the new Venue, I did not like the course at Osprey Stadium because I crashed so many times. I am really happy about the break up of the races so I can heckle the other fields. I am hope to bring a gang of goons to entertain the racers! Any ideas for a theme?