Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, August 8, 2008

Montana Team Race Heats Up & MT Juniors show up at Nats

The state criterium and time trial are tomorrow and Sunday. John Coulthard has tallied the team totals and it turns out we have an extremely tight race on her hands.

NRO 1164
FVV 1043
GAS 902

With all the points at stake this weekend any one of these teams could take the title. The defending champs GAS Cycling are on home turf and I see them as the favorites going into this weekends show down. FVV should represent with John W., Twohig, and a host of cat 4's. NRO will bring Hamera, Josh, and Megan. With both Missoula teams bringing relatively small squads it will come down to where everyone finishes. It should make for exciting racing. It would be cool to have the points figured out going into the crit Sunday.

On another note Willy Zelmer and Marshall Opel have been repping MT at Nats. Willy was 30th in the TT and Marshall was 14th. Willy was 26th in the crit. We'll try to keep up with our juniors as they peform on the highest stage. I like Marshmellow's chances in the road race.

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