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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book Review - We Might as Well Win - Johan Bruyneel

My folks bought me Johan Bruyneel's new book "We might as well win." I'm not a huge reader, but I was interested in the behind the scenes information of a winning Tour de France team. The book did not disappoint. Bruyneel goes in depth on racing in the pro peleton. It was cool to hear about the Lance days but even better to hear about the days he raced. He had interesting stories about race tactics and winning moves. For hardcore cycling fans there's definetly some annoying parts; like Bruyneel breaking down cycling lingo. He has to dumb down the cycling heavy talk to reach a broader audience. Also, Bruyneel comes across cocky at times. Which was a bit surprising to me. Overall though it's a easy read with some great insight to the pro peleton. It also teaches you a bit about race tactics.

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