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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Montana Road Season Awards - The Cougars

Best Male
The Cougar goes to Josh Tack. Yes he is my teammate.......but he had a great season. Josh is the master tactician. He sniffs out the right moves, and can read a race like no one else in Montana. His palmares this year include: Belt Omnium, Whitefish Omnium, State RR, and Cow Country. He also finished in the top three 5 times. Great season Josh.

Best Female
The best female rider in Montana is a tough call. The Cougar Awards aren't always about the MT standings. My pick this year is Lisa Curry. She is a consistent performer who weekend after weekend competes on a high level. Last weekend I tried to come up with some sort of plan to have the NRO ladies challenge her, but she was too strong. She rides smart and agressive, knows her own skills better then anyone.

Best Sprinter
The best best sprinter in Montana is John Wehyrich. While John can ride forever, I still think he's most dangerous in a sprint. We all forgot about his sprint, but were reminded at Bearmouth. They guy can put in a turn of speed. Maybe I'm bias because I was seeing his back during every Hell Ride, but the bottom line is this guy can turn the heat up. He's fast and crafty. Honorable mention goes Alex Lussier, Megan Slivka, and Flathead Russ. All three have proven their turn of speed is nothing to mess with.

Best Climber
It's funny thinking about this award because there's not many pure climbers in Montana. Our courses have developed more roleurs then climbers. However, the Cougar must be given. The best pure climber in Montana this year was Marshall Opel. Sure different riders couldn't put him in the pain cave at different times, but Marshmellow is a pure climber and can hang with the best of them. His best races were the hilliest; State, Cow Country, Whitefish. Honorable mention goes to Tack, and Tamera.

Most Aggressive Rider
The most aggressive rider award goes to Alex Lussier. Last weekend's crit was a microcasm of the whole season. Alex off the front, Alex chasing something down, Alex bridging. Plain and simple the guy was always doing work. Honorable mention goes to Danyel Longmire, Bessetto, and Frank the Tank.


Best Style:
Scotty Herzig (nice socks), and Team Delphine (sweet kits, and glasses)
Most Talkative (while racing): Tamara and Scotty Lenaburg
Best Bike: Butterfield
Best Wheels:
Frank the Tank
Best Aero Helmet:
Alex Lussier
Sneakiest Rider:
The Lung and Scotty
Best Newbie:
Most Talented:
Kelly Grove and Jean Meyer
Nicest: Chalmers and Joey
How do they do that?:
Longmire and Tamara
Tough: Morgan and Lisa Curry
TT specialist: Greenburg and Danyel Longmire
Crit Specialist: Megan Slivka and Presta
Best All Arounder: J Curry and A Frykman
Best New Team: Great Northern
Best Domestique: Nadia, Herzig, and Alex Lussier
Breakaway Specialist: Sebastian, Presta, and the Lung


ErikD said...

Thanks for the postings Shaun. Congrats on the Crit. Wau to go. I miss riding with you guys!


Craig said...

Thank You very much for the mention of best new team (Great Northern Cycling) We're all very excited about being apart in shaping the future of cycling in Montana...
GNCC has a lot of events planed for 09 and even a few surprises.

Kudos Shaun!