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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Missoula Wednesday Night Cross Series

The legendary Missoula Wednesday Night Cross Series has just announced it's schedule.

Sept 24
Oct 1, 8, 15, 22

Once again the series will be put on by cyclocross staple Tim Bechtold. For a local Montana series, these races have sure seen a lot of talent. Teejay used to trade blows with Tom Robertson and others. Sam Schultz came out on a mountain bike. Jamul Hahn put on many shows during his hayday. Proctor, Fiore, Brink, and Weyhrich have all raced the series hard. The last couple years have seen the infusion of the next generation of Missoula crossers. Doug Dale, Pipo, Toby, and Hartman are the new names of the series. Who will be the next name of the Missoula Cross Series? Will someone step out of the pack fodder to join Missoula's elite?

Here's some more info on the series from Tim:

*Advance notice of the Missoula Wednesday Night Cross Series, starting September 24 and continuing until October 22 at Fort Missoula.

*Sam Schultz has won one of these races on a mountain bike, though.

*Standard details: 5 races, $20 for the series, $5 per race. Juniors $10 for the series, $5 per race. You need a license. One-days are OK. Prizes are good Missoula beer and good Missoula bread, and some bike shop schwag thrown in for good measure.

*This series is the most fun you will have racing a bicycle in Missoula. It is also the only bicycle racing still in Missoula. The atmosphere is very relaxed, but the competition is keen. All talent and experience levels are welcome. There is still a certain amount of suffering, but everything ends in just under an hour, and pretty much everyone can endure a little leg burn for an hour.

*Only 8 weeks to go. Start your training regimen now: practice your sprints, bunny hops, dis-and-re-mounts, and your rock-dodging and ditch-riding skills. Or don’t train at all. That works well for cross racing. Anyone can ride a bike for an hour.

-Thanks Tim

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