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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Missoula Marathon - From the mouth of the winner - Elliot Bassett

Elliot has been a force in the Missoula athletic community for the last 6 years. He runs is own personal training firm, Mountain endurance ( and coaches the UM Triathlon Team. He has dedicated countless hours to promoting events, and mentoring new athletes into the sport. It was a well deserved victory on Sunday and one that was long overdue. Here's what Elliot had to say about his day in the spotlight.

How long have you been thinking/training for the Missoula marathon?
I started thinking about it in August of last year. I had a major shoulder injury and didn't know how well I could run. In November I started to run 9 miles a week just to test the waters out. During March-May I ran 3 hours a week in an attempt to build a base. From June 13th till the week before the marathon I ran 65-75 miles a week.

Are you a biker or a runner?
I'm and endurance athlete. I've always wanted to do both, and will never stop doing one or the other.

What'd you eat for dinner the night before and what did you eat during the race?
I ate pasta, rigatoni with red sauce and a glass of water. During the race I had 4 Powerbar Latte Gels, one bottle of Hammer Nutrition Heed, and a half bottle of water.

Who's your favorite MT athlete?
My favorite Montana athlete is Matt Seeley. He's taught me everything I know about endurance sports. I learned the hard way. Countless rides and runs staring at the back of him barely keeping up. I've bonked more times in front of him then anyone.

Cross bike for 2008? Favorite cross course?
I'll be riding the 2008 Jamis SuperNova for this year's cross season. My favorite cross course last year was Wednesday Night Series #3. I like courses with lots of barriers, but not a lot of twisty technical stuff.

Who would have won between you and Kiefer (last year's champ)?
There's no way to tell. He won last year and I won this year.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Elliott!!!

You are the best!!!

Gregg Kuenster

Anonymous said...

Hey Elliott,
This is so awesome I guess running from those Grizzly Bears really does pay off... The Syco Bassetts (Larry,Julie,Trev)

Anonymous said...

Hi Elliot,
We are so proud of you. Congratulations..
Grandma and Grandpa