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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mangy 4th of July - Whitefish, Pontoon Boats, Trail

MT Cross is headed to the Whitefish for a mangy 4th. Full Report on Monday.

I've got big expectations. We've got a pontoon boat, fun island, keg, and no where to stay. How could it go wrong? Along for the ride with be MT Cross riders Downtown Joel Brown, Doug Dale, Pipo, Horangatang, and Baby Matty (this just in, Baby Matty is not coming). Hopefully we can get some photos and commentary from the guys. We're going to hook up with Whitefish's finest on Friday and Saturday morning for the biggest mangy group ride in the history of mangy group riding. Were talking Halpin, Connely, Muhlfeld, Kiester, all those dudes. If you want to join meet us at Dale's house at 8:30am tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of creativity but it's almost vacation time, and the mind is shutting off.

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