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Monday, July 7, 2008

Commentary on Montana Cycling - Notes from a far

Jeremy Dunphy is a new rider to the Montana Cycling scene. He's the up coming captain for the UM Cycling Team, and rode for Northern Rockies in USCF races. He's in Pennslyvania for the summer putting the finishing touches on his first racing season.

For those folks who are like me and don't race out of the region we don't know what racing is like in other parts of the country. Jeremy's note is a nice compliment to bike racing in Montana. I think Montana Cycling has done a nice job of welcoming new riders to the sport. Not to say we can't improve, but it's good to hear we provide a positive atmosphere. Here's what he had to say:

"I have learned a lot about the sport and had some really good experiences that have me looking to the future. There are some really strong riders out here, the practice crits I ride in on thursdays almost always has a few local pros in it, Rite Aide and Bissel riders, and riding with them can be a thrill if not , literally, a pain. The attitude towards cycling out here leaves alot to be desired, however. People are seriously amped up. In the 3/4 races I have been doing, "hold your line" are words some riders feel the need to repeat every ten seconds even on dead flat straightaways. Montana has it going on in this respect. Every time I get a comment about being "lost" or " "kinda far from the Northern Rockies" I want to let them in on the little secret that is montana cycling, but always refrain out of selfish pride. The way super strong riders in montana can still have a fun, friendly day out with people just getting into the sport, or offer an un-jaded conversation to someone 3 categories below them seems like a normal thing when immersed in the montana scene, but it is so not normal and while we might take it for granted it is something special and something I can't wait to get back into..."

-Jeremy Dunphy

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