Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bohart Bash/Adam Jensen back in town

Bohart Bash poll is putting John Curry as the heavy favorite. Why wouldn't he be?!? He's on form and it's his home race.

Adam Jensen has been back in town for the last week. We've ridden trail every day, and today is his birthday ride. Basically he's ridden the mangy group ride crew into the ground. It's good for us. Sometimes our mountain bike rides can get pretty casual. It's nice to have someone pushing the tempo. However, we reached a new low of pushing the tempo last night. Up Sawmill Gulch road climb (2 miles, 4-5% gradient) we attacked eachother until everyone cracked. I was drafting people up Sawmill Gulch on a single speed. It was absolutely pointless!!! It's amazing what competition can do. So, while everyone complains and bitches that Jensen's back in town deep down we love it. He's a good guy, who really just loves to ride (and put people into Davey Jones Locker). He's been taking photos of our rides. I'll post some tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I'm posting the first ever video. It involves last weekend at the Northern. Off to the trail and Jensen's birthday suffer fest!

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