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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mountain Bikers and Road Bikers converge on Discovery and Whitefish

There are no Montana road races this weekend. That means a roadie/off road showdown at the Discovery Mountain Bike Race this Sunday. With his blog in full effect we've all been front row spectators to Bill Martin's mountain bike winning. Bill has kept it going from last year's breakout performances. Most recently he scored at great second place at the Janna Brimmer Memorial. Others have been hot on the mountain bike trail. Joe Chalmers, has been racing well and looking strong. Also, perennial mountain bike man John Curry has hit a couple NMBS events and been strong on the road. Speaking of John, we get into the category I like to call Montana Racer. Montana Racers are dudes who when on form can compete for the win in mountain, road, and cross. John is a good road racer and a good mountain bike racer. Then there's Muhlfeld, who is a bomb mountain biker, and is having a good road season. Don't forget Alex Lussier, who is having an amazing road season, and I know is a good mountain biker. Ben Parsons is another road/mountain dude. I give these guys mad props. Switching between disciplines is harder then it looks. Mountain biking has hard efforts that make your lungs scream with pain. Road cycling is more of an tactical enduro fest. Anyways, I'm rambling.......

After Discovery, we have a new race on the MORS Calendar, the Granja Del Cerdo in Whitefish is sure to be an event to remember. Like Discovery this is a great start to the Montana mtb season. Beginners and recreation riders these two races are for you! Particularly Granja Del Cerdo, which is going to be more like a mountain bike party then a race. There offering a mtb circuit race which is a great idea. You get the excitement of cross, with gnarlier terrain. Scope the flier above for more information. Click on it for a larger view.


Bill said...

Photo by Nancy Brown!

Shaun Radley said...

Thanks Bill, we'll see you this weekend

Anonymous said...

Nice Recovery Bill! I was almost certain that the Belt accident put you out of commission for the season. I am happy to be wrong!