Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Granja Del Cerdo

First off major props to everyone who pulled the double this weekend; Alex L, John & Lisa Curry, Longmire, Howard and Tomas. Alex and Lisa had the most consistent weekends. Alex finished up with two fourth places and Lisa had a 2nd and a third (I think).

Granja Del Cerdo was a first year event, put on by The Great Northern Cycling Team and HW. The race was fast and flat. Laps were around 5.5 miles. Muhlfeld took the race by the horns and pulled away on the first lap. Along the course he was getting mixed reports on time splits and relaxed thinking his lead was cushy enough for the Dub. John "Flurry" Curry (hahaha Longmire) was riding in 2nd and heard a 1:30 split to Clint. He punched it with everything he had and caught Clint on the last lap to take a big MT MTB victory. The expert field was tough. Notable riders missing were Frank the Tank and Doug Dale.

Other observations from the race:

*Being a single speeder I give props to Chance Cooke for his 8th place in the expert race.

*Butterfield and Chalmers had a nice battle for the final podium position. That's a deep race if Martin and Chalmers are fighting for 3rd and 5th after the success they've had on the trail this year.

*Montana mountain bikers are fast.

*Jason Schmidt rode away from the pack in the sport field to take an impressive victory.

*Kenda Titus rider and Missoula native Zephanie Blasi stole the show in the women's race. Travelling the NORBA circuit is different then the MORS series.

*Big field, 50+ for sure, they ran out of hats just as I finished registering. The hats are sick HW.

*The BBQ pork sandwiches alone gave the race an A in my book.

*Clint's Cannondale Caffeine 29er is nastttttyyyyyy.

Photos coming.


Anonymous said...

Thank's for helping get the word out for our event this weekend. Thank you also for your positive comments about the race. Come back next year with anticipation for the unexpected. Preliminary thoughts about the mid race inconvience include but are not limited to: Shooting heroine (thanks for that suggestion EG), taking extacy, wresteling a greased pigglet and doing your best Porky the Pig impersonation while sprinting for the finish line! Suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for a squeeling good time!



Shaun Radley said...


Thanks for the comment. Sorry I forgot to mention you as a double participant this weekend (I added you). Great racing with you on Sunday. I was happy to see you and Noonan on that last stretch.


Read Write Teach said...

I was a double contestant last weekend as well. Of course, I did receive a DNF at the pig fest, due to experiencing an endo, which resulted in cracking my new helmet in 3 places, giving me a mild concussion, and breaking a rib. BUT I REALLY WANTED TO RACE AT EDEN! So . . . I did. I had a great race, in spite of the WIND!!

Sheli T.