Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Giro Stages 1 and 2

Slipstream does it! Great win yesterday for the Argyle crew. Ryder Hesjedal, Millar, Dave Z and the gange looked like well drilled machine. I wonder why Vande Velde crossed the line first. I heard the Dave Z didn't want to deal with the media. Millar said Vande Velde was the strongest and he deserved it. I'm happy to see an American in the pink jersey. It's been way to long. The TTT went as predicted with CSC and High Road claiming the final podim spots.

In stage 2 (view it on Versus 2pm today), Dave Z took an unfortunate spill and is out of the race. The course was a classics course and therefore suited classics riders. Folks like Bettini and Rebellion were licking their chops. My pick was Bettini. Not only is he on my fantasy team but he's the World Champ and when he says he wants to win something you listen. Ricardo Ricco has always been touted as the next star of Italian Cycling. Today he took another small step to filling that role. He sprinted out of the peleton past Rodriguez to take the stage. Vandel Velde is out of the jersey by 1 second to Pellizotti of Liquigas. Come on Slipstream!!! Do work to keep that jersey.

Fantasy Standings:
1. Mrs. Montana Cross 60
2. Dolce Vita 60
3. J-Dunph 60
4. WA Pride 45
5. Montana Cross Field Reporter 30
6. Montana Cross 15
7. Nacho Tack 15

*If you want to enter the pool email your picks. Since were still in the initial stages I'll let you enter late.

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