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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Belt Omnium

Belt Omnium is next weekend. An official Montana race has been long over due. The Rocky Mountain Roubaix was April 13th. Just to refresh, Erik Anderson of Vertical Earth took the victory. Clint was the top Montana dude in 2nd followed by Josh in 3rd. Sportman's looked tough with Matt Butterfield and Ben Parsons riding strong. GAS had a big contingent at the Roubaix and looked strong at Walla Walla. Montana Velo only had Herzig at the Roubaix, but expect Frank to be at Belt. With such a long period of time from the last MT race, form can change dramatically. Who will be gunning for the top Montana spot? What team will position themselves as the team to beat? In a windy course like Belt, I'd expect to see a tactically superior racer win. Last year Kiefer took the win and the year before was Scott Herzig. Both guys have proven they can ride a tactical race. Look for John Curry to be up there. I think he wants to show the contenders that the Roubaix was fluke. As usual watch out for Josh and Scotty.

In the ladies race Lisa Curry looks very good in the early season. This will be the first head to head battle between T-money and Curry in Montana. T-money has a good squad this year, but you never know what GAS has up their sleeve. Also, the Team Dauphine ladies have been riding strong. The competition is brewing nicely.

The 4/5 race should be taken by a 5VV. If Halpin's there I'd expect him to take the win. I think E Digby has the tactics to win the race, but I don't know if he upgraded yet. Other then that I think this is an open door for an up and coming rider to take the win. A couple years ago I was in the 4/5 race and got into a break with Chalmers, Curry, and Miles Key. Up until then I had never been in a breakaway or even seen the front of a race. It was a breakout day for me and gave me confidence in moving forward. Belt's great for new riders who are learning the tactical ropes. Stay near the front, and go hard up the hill. Look for one of 5VV's new riders to step up or even someone from NRO, Jeremy, ect.

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