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Friday, April 25, 2008

Speedwagon Classic

Tomorrow is Matt Seeley's inaugural Speedwagon Classic.  I attached his message about race details to the bottom of this post.  I love non sanctioned random racing.  There is no MT or regional race tomorrow, so if your around you should hit up Polson.  I think there should be more racing/riding like this Saturday.  Hard, semi-organized races with little reward besides the satisfaction of giving it your all.  While this will be a beautiful ride through some of Polson's finest, do not be fooled.  The pace will be hard from the gun.  I don't know if there will be much looking at the scenery.  I'm picturing a 50 mile cross race.  Mass start, triathlete field, dirt roads, Matt Seeley race promoter, yep it's going to be a hell of a race......I'm mean ride :)

Cycling Connoisseurs,


The weather looks great for a spectacular experience at the Speedwagon

Classic cycling event in Polson tomorrow (Saturday, April 26). We already

have riders coming from Bozeman, Helena, and Kalispell, but I am still

hoping to hear from more of the Missoula contingent and particularly the

Five Valley Velo faithful. This event is open to both competitive racers

and more sensible touring types. It will be a great workout with free

food and no entry fee.


Due to some recent road grading activity, we have had to make some changes

in the course, but it will still feature the spectacular REO finishing

climb and some amazing views snow-capped peaks and awe-inspiring valleys. 

The new course will be 50 miles of mixed pavement and gravel, with a few

soft spots and not quite as many climbs. It should be a realistic

challenge on a road bike with good tires. For more course details, see

the link below. We will have good maps, descriptions, and signs on the

course tomorrow.


Here is the schedule for the event -

10-11 am - check-in, info, coffee, treats at the Seeley's (811 11th Ave.


11:30 - gather at Riverside Park for the start

12:00 - START (all riders)

3:00 - approximate finish time atop REO climb

5:00 - barbecue celebration at Seeley's


See you in the morning - Matt


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