Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rocky Mountain Roubaix Wrap-Up

Today's race had great weather, and awesome racing. The 1,2,3 race was filled with attacks. Vertical Earth brought a full compliment of riders. They animated the race all day, and eventually took the win with Erik Anderson. He won out of a small group comprised of Clint Muhlfeld, Josh Tack, and one other rider (?). The group got away on the 4th lap and never looked back. GAS chased hard but was unable to the close the gap. As usual flats were prevelant. I flatted on the 3rd lap, and never recovered. With 200 meters left no one could follow Anderson's attack. Muhlfeld and Tack jumped but didn't have anything left. There were lots of good performances. I thought Vertical Earth as a team rode a solid tactical event. Matt Butterfield and Ben Parsons snatched the sprint out of the second group on the road giving the Sportsman's Ski Haus crew a solid day in the dust. One of the youngest riders in the bunch, Gabe from Vertical Earth took the cat 3 prize. I was impressed at Frozen Flatlands and even more impressed today.

In the 4/5 race the triathletes ruled the day. Elliot B broke away for a long awaited solo victory and Brendan Halpin fresh off 3rd at the Griz took 2nd.

Lisa Curry continued her reign from cross season and took the 1,2,3 race, and NRO's Danyel Longmire snatched the cat 4 crown.

John Fiore won the masters race.

With the folks from Spokane and Idaho coming out the turnout was amazing. I don't know the number yet, but it was great to see so many folks. In the end Mulhfeld took home the Montana Leaders Jersey, but has Josh hot on his heels. It should be a good battle.

John Sieber (link on the right), will post photos ASAP. I will let ya'll know when they're up. Also, Tom R took photos and I'll see if I can get hands on those.

Walla Walla is the next weekend.

Check out the latest Velonews. MT Cross was choosen as the feature editorial.

Thanks for the great weekend. Stay tuned for Paris Roubaix wrap-up and thoughts tomorrow.


Bill said...

Thanks for the report. Great Northern Cycling blog has some great photos. I am looking forward to John Sieber photos. I enjoyed reading about what happened.

Riverstone Women's Racing Team said...

Hey, that "one other rider (?)" was Gabe - he got our team "award" for RIDE OF THE DAY. Thanks for a great race!