Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rocky Mountain Roubaix - Most Agressive Rider Competition

As a wrap-up to the RM Roubaix we will be having a most aggresive rider award.  The rider can be from any category.  To vote simply click the comment button below this post and write in who you think should win.  You can write the name, or give a couple sentences of why you think this person should win (I'm sure everyone wants to hear a little background story). The winner gets a MT cyclocross t-shirt.  The voting will end this Friday.  Remember the winner could technically win with 2 or 3 votes, so don't pass up the opportunity to recognize a well deserved effort.


Shaun Radley said...

Gabe (Vertical Earth) - solo breakaway early on, and later held onto the winning breakaway for awhile

Justin H said...

Gabe Veralla Vertical Earth solo first lap then made the winning break. 4th on the day and is a first year cat3.

Anonymous said...

Gabe without a doubt. He took a long solo flyer on the first lap. Then made the winning break and was able to hang with it. I would also like to say thanks for a well put on race. It was nice after the race to meet some great people and just hang out.

Mark K Vertical Earth

Anonymous said...

Gabe Verella was definitely off the front more than anyone with the first 12 mile break being solo, and then hitting the winning break. It dosn't get much better than that. Great Race, loved the vibe and a good turnout.


Anonymous said...

Elliot - Solo effort and the win in a big combined group.