Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, April 11, 2008

MT Cross takes a breather

I just got back into town from a variety of trips.  While I was gone I found it hard to write about cycling.  I'm back in Missoula and pumped for one of the best weekend's of the year.  The Grizzly Triathlon and Rocky Mountain Roubaix double up.  I've never been much of a tri guy but this year I've got more friends involved.  Therefore, I've been trying to keep up with who's on form and who's talking crap.  Here's my prediction of what's going to go down.

Halpin's been in Tucson all winter (rumor has it he ripped Jensen's legs off a couple weeks ago, sorry Adam).  Halp's my winner.  He's always been a MT Cross favorite and this year he takes his first Griz Win.  If you watch check out his new Cannondale.

B. Hoffman will be legit, but I can't pick someone not from Zoo town.  I'm slotting Hoffman in 2nd, Jensen 3rd, and Little Matty in 4th.  Matt beating Jensen is like son beating father, and in this instance the son isn't ready to fill dad's shoes (atleast not yet).  I was at the Yellowstone Ski Race this year and watched Zak Strong kill it on the skinny skis.  He's my pick for 5th.  My male surprise is Graham "Meng Dynasty" Meng taking the 3rd fast bike split to Halpin and Hoffman.  Another surprise will come from Ben "Horangatang" Horan.  He's more serious then ever and will slip into the top ten with ease.  I'm not going to make a prediction about Doug "Dale" but I will say keep your eye on him because he's either going to combust or be in the top 20.

On the ladies side I like Jen L.  Kipp will be legit, but nothings stopping the JL train.  She will etch her name in MT Tri history and grab the win.

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