Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


After watching Milan SanRemo in it's entirety I came away with a better appreciation for sprinters.  SanRemo is always considered a sprinter's race but if you look little closer you'll discover that it's not only the longest race of the season but there are two tough climbs.  The Sepressa (sp), and the Poggio are no joke.  Especially after riding 200k.  After the Poggio Freire was still in the group of 12 or so riders.  Cancellara, Pozzato, and Hushovd were also there.  

In Oregon they have a great race called the Kings Valley Road Race.  It is the highlight of Oregon's spring campaign.  I raced the course in collegiate two years ago.  It's a circuit with some killer climbs.  Nothing super long, but definitely some leg breakers.  Last year sprint ace Kenny Williams (First Rate Mortgage) took the victory.  Kenny is a legend in the northwest, primarily known for his killer sprint in criteriums and on the track.

I think sprinters get alot of hype.  However, the majority of successful sprinters in the pros and on the amateur circuit are great riders.  I've seen Freire hop in breaks at the Tour de France and make them stick.  When those guys are on form they can drag themselves up any terrain.  I'm not saying their pure climbers like Cunego or Piepoli, but there great riders who deserve a little more credit for their overall abilities.

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