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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slipstream in the Tour

The 2008 Tour de France will have two American teams. Slipstream Chipolte was added to the 20 team roster. However, it was confirmed that Astana will not be invited.

Slipstream's entrance comes as a surprise to me. I thought with this past week's poor performance at Paris-Nice the US squad would be out of consideration. ASO likes the team's anti-doping policy and thinks they could animate the race. French team Agruibel and Great Britain's Barloworld got the other two invites. It's great to see Barloworld back in the mix after a great tour last year. Soler won the King of the Mountains and a mountain stage. While Robbie Hunter grabbed a technical sprinting stage. I think the Agruibel decision is questionable. Mercardo grabbed a stage two years ago, but other then that the squad has been lack luster. They were included this season because they signed Christoph Moreau the French National Champion. I'd like to see Tinkoff Credit Systems get the nod. They have a great attacking squad. They lit up the Giro last year and deserve a shot at the tour. They animate races and with the addition of Loddo they have a decent sprinter.

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Anonymous said...

Good god. Please take your analysis beyond the surface of you being entertained. In this sport drugs kill people. Secondly I find it troublesome that you see a drugged up Basso annihilate somebody on the climbs while some bloke who is naturally a better climber (higher power/weight ratio)finishes say 12 place back in obscurity. The reason they have the higher profile that you see as star power has to evaluated on how "synthetic" they are. Everybody would love to have a high school senior graduate as valedictorian but at what cost?