Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Missoula Training Race #1 Recap

Yesterday was the first official/unofficial race of the 2008 Montana calendar. The sun came out and the temperature was around the 40's at the start.

There was a great turnout for the C race. I don't know the official number but there was easily 30-50 riders in the bunch. I heard there were a couple crashes but luckily no one got hurt. Sometimes the crashes happen. It's better they happen in a controlled atmosphere like yesterday's race. Thank you to the mentor riders for teaching the next generation of racers.

The A field started 8 minutes before the B's and finished 2 minutes behind at the line. I know Jason Ames the new UM Cycling President finished 2nd in the B's, but I don't know who won.

The A group had 10-15 riders. I was disappointed in the group's size but you can't complain. I had two teammates in the group, Steve Zellmer and Joe Chalmers. Both rode strong throughout the 32 mile course. Joe seemed to be covering all the mini moves and rode aggressivley. Bill Martin pulled strong on all the straightaways, but didn't have enough gears for the finish (cross bike). Frank G and Scott rode well. Scott had a good leadout in the last 1k, to launch Frank to a 3rd place in the sprint. Elliot Bassette surprised the group with a great sprint for 2nd, and Jared Nelson out of Bozeman took the win. Jared was the most aggressive rider in the bunch and deserved the victory. I sprinted to 4th in the finish, but didn't do much on the last lap. It was good safe early season race.

Thanks to D Russ, Jedzilla, KShannon (sweeping corners), Fred, JWeyhrich, Tamara, and everyone else who helped put the race on.

Photo by Erik Digby

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