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Saturday, March 8, 2008

American Cycling on the Rise

Tour of California was just a display. It was a display of the popularity of US Cycling. World Champions and Protour stars filled the streets of Cali. US Teams; Slipstream, High Road, and BMC established themselves as teams to watch out for. Every interview I watched with Neal Rogers (Velonews), had riders talking about the quality of the field. The future of US Cycling is looking up. It's exciting to race during this period. I just got a notice to renew my US Cycling License. In the email there were some interesting statistics. They claim that 7,000 new members jointed US Cycling for 2008. It makes me think of Montana Cycling. In Montana one or two more people on a team is a big deal. When you put the time in with new riders it really makes a difference. I applaud the Montana Junior Cycling Federation and GAS Cycling Team for being leaders in bringing new folks into the sport. There are others who are leading this charge. Thanks to all your folks trying to take Montana Cycling to the next level. There is no reason why Montana shouldn't follow suit with US Cycling.

Keep it real.

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Bill said...

Shawn, nice wave yesterday! You are my waver of the week. It was the best "hello" I have received out on the roads this year, thanks!