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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tour of Cali Days 1 and 2 / Cherry Pie RR in Oregon

I was on vacation over the weekend and was unable to catch Sunday's prologue. I watched all the video. Cancellara put in a hell of a ride. Jens Voigt was saying that he threw out some huge watts. I'd like to know a little more specifics. The best ride besides Cancellara went to Tyler Farrar. He's flown under the radar a little bit, but has been performing consistently that last couple years for Cofidis. I love the way Slipstream is racing. Especially in yesterday's race. They had Millar as a lead out man for the intermediate sprints. Pate and Peterson were drilling it on the climb. Horner said that Pate made him hurt. With the strength that CSC has it's hard to not pick Haedo in the sprint. I thought Bettini might creap in there, but he didn't have the straight line power. Watch out for Bettini in the next couple days. I think he's hunting for a win. I'm so impressed with the TOC, it's really stepped up. Today should be interesting. I hope Slipstream continues to fight to put Farrar in the jersey.

The regional RR season kicked off this past Sunday with the Cherry Pie RR in Oregon. I've gone to this race the past two seasons, but this year decided to ski instead. It's a great circuit course with one short steep climb that separates the group. This years addition was won by Orion Berryman who raced for Oregon a couple seasons. Missoula alum Patrick Marzullo finished 13th. He's talking about trying to make it out for the Roubaix. He will be one to watch. In the 3 race Kennett Peterson took the victory. He is a U of O rider and is showing excellent form before the collegiate season. It looks like Oregon might be the team to beat in the NWCCC.

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