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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tour of Cali Day 6 and 7

The Tour of California is just getting better and better. We just finished watching stage 7. I can't believe Millar went on a flier. I sure hope Slipstream goes for the W tomorrow. The time trial was amazing. Once again Millar pulled out a fine performance. I didn't think Levi had it in him. Great performance by Levi. Cancellara disapointed, but oh well. Tomorrow's stage should be exciting. Short post today, I'm out at West Yellowstone for nordic.

Today was great at the nordic races. Pipo had an excellent debut in the 25k with a 1:27. I finished respectful with a 1:32. Missoula represented with Dan Dahlberg, Zack Strong, and Mike Wolfe all in the top 20 in the 50k. Full report next week.

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ErikD said...

Nice posting on the ATOC, Shaun. I have thoroughly enjoyed it coming from your perspective. When you're back in town, be sure to get out on the road. It has been some great riding.