Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tour of Cali Day 5

What a stage. It reminded me of the big Spring Classic battles. The bad weather, 7+ hours on the bike. It was epic. I'm not surprised a strongman won in the end. It was like last year's America race where Sven Tuft took the win in the snow. Dominique Rollin had a good year last year with Kodak-Sierra Nevada but who knew he had that kind of sustained power. He rode away from George Hincapie. Even though the fans didn't come out, and lots of riders dropped out, I thought it was bike racing at it's finest. An unexpected rider won the stage, and he won it the hard way. I guess the Toyota United team knew that Rollin was on good form. They said is power files are off the chart. It's also nice to see a domestic team get a win.

Today's time trial is crucial. With it only being 15 miles the scales have to tilt in the favor of Cancellara. You have to World TT Champ and the motivation of being 15 seconds back. It's really hard not to pick him for the win. Levi is on good form, and I don't think Cancellara will beat him by more then 30 seconds. My top 5 is Cancellara, Levi, Millar, Dave Z., Ben Jacque Maynes.

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