Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tour of Cali Day 4

Well maybe the Tour of California inspired me or maybe it was the 50 degree sunny weather in Missoula, but I finally went on my first road ride of the season. I was a little rusty :). My back hurt, my lungs hurt.

Anyways, back to the TOC. Thanks for the comments Bob. I agree with you in a way. Levi never does anything flashy. It's sad he has to make deals to win the race. I know that's part of the pro peleton, but it would be a lot easier to cheer for him if he showed some excitement now and again. Yesterday was a great stage. Gesink is a major talent. I liked Slipstream and CSC putting it all out there in the end. I was impressed that Slipstream had 4 dudes in that group. I was not impressed with the lack of domestic guys in the bunch. Pena and Moos were both in the group, but they are recent pro tour guys. It would have been great to see Jacque Maynes or Nydam up there. Tom Peterson made the selection which was impressive, but Slipstream is basically a pro tour team. I saw an interview with Jacque Maynes. He said that was the best he's climbed in a long time. He did his best and just couldn't hang on. There is still a big difference between the pro tour and the US domestic scene. I think Dave Z had a good ride. They asked Horner if he was surprised that Dave was up there and he said no. He said Dave has always been able to's not the talent that's been lacking. I thought that was interesting. Today will be good. It looks like the weather is pretty bad. I'm picking Bettini for the win. He'll repeat last year's performance. He loves those rolly courses. Watch out for Slipstream, they'll be agressive.


Bill said...

It is good you finally got out on the bike. Welcome back! I saw some guys out there but no one seems very friendly (the stare-down with no wave). Jeesh, lighten up folks! I am not riding against you I am riding out there with you!

I found myself totally cheering Levi on. I dont think it is sad he has to make deals to win the race. Don't forget there is a brutal day for them on Saturday, why show your hand so soon?

Anonymous said...

Levi has shown his hand. He sits on wheels, never attacks and finishes in the winning groups on big days. Then he usually races a good time trial. He wins big races and does well in the tour - thats a given, its just uninspiring and boring to watch a guy win like that.