Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tour of Cali Day 3

What a wet day in California. Kudos to Slipstream and Tyler Farrar. He earned the yellow jersey, by going out and getting intermediate sprint points. How about Scott Nydam?! I didn't know that he got third at Georgia last year. He has a promising future. I thought Boonen rode a solid tactical sprint. I can't believe Chipo got third. He's 41 and still banging with the big boys. Who would have ever thought he'd be racing for a US team. Today's stage has Mt. Hamilton and the Sierra Nevada climb. Look to see Levi, and other contenders show their stuff. I think we'll see a break of about 5 at the finish. I think McCartney will be in there, and so will Jens Voigt/Bobby Julich. My sleeper for today is Andrew Bajadali. He's a freak climber and was the only one who could kind of stay with Levi at US nationals. Also in the break will be Tom D or Danny Pate, maybe both? I think the stage will go to Bajadali and the jersey to Levi.

NRO Tamara raced in the Valley of the Sun Stage Race. Great results Tamara!

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Anonymous said...

I'm commenting about stage three (day 4)and Levi's leap into the lead. Initially I read the headline and was psyched that he finally strapped on a pair and won a tough stage. I read the story and was brought back to reality. Levi formed an alliance with another teams racer and handed the stage win to him as long as the other guy would work with Levi to the finish. Levi is the most uninspiring rider in the pro peloton (at the top). The tour organizers could add his uninspiring nature to the reasons his team was not invited.
Bob Presta