Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Top Ten 2007 MT Cross Moments

10. Phil, Doug, and Toby racing with the big guns at Star Cross in Seattle.

9. Phil's terror streak, two Missoula series, 2nd Hellgate Duathlon, 1st Hill Climb 13:04.

8. John Curry taking out Proctor at Butte......the passing of the cross torch.

7. Frank G's late season charge, taking the last two races including the state championship.

6. Doug taking the double victory in his Flathead homecoming (including two rough nights at the bar).

5. Clint showing up to Rolling Thunder on no racing and taking the W.

4. Lisa Curry living up to the pressure and winning Rolling Thunder.

3. The Missoula series races, often times bigger numbers, and bigger battes.

2. Frank vs. John C in the state championships. Great battle

1. The men's A race at Rolling Thunder

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