Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Monday, January 28, 2008


Props to Luke Keough (sp) for representing the US with a 10th place at cross worlds

Props to Slipstream Chipolte for having the best pre-season hype. I'm into it, I think it's a great thing there trying to accomplish

Props to the Tour of California. Feb. 17-24 on versus. Party at my houses every night if you don't get versus on cable.

Props to Silver Mountain, that place is really stepping it up....water park, nice hotel, lots of snow

Props MT juniors this year, I think we'll see more riders then ever

Props MT riders doing well in out of state races. I feeling a big year in out of state races.

Props to Bohart Bash. That race is the bomb.

Props to Wendy Simm, she has come on strong in her Eurpean campaign, very impressive.

Props to Ramblumtick, my road bike is the shiz.


Kyle said...

What time is the Tour on Versus?


Kyle said...

Shaun, How much does your ramblumtick weigh?