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Monday, January 7, 2008

Montana Road Racing

I'm looking forward to the Montana road season. The competition seems to have really heated up in the last couple years. With teams like GAS and Montana Velo coming on strong it has given other teams motivation to get their crap together. I think this year it will be one of the toughest battles. Not only will the men's field be competitive but the ladies squads are really coming together. I know NRO is forming a tough ladies team. Tamara will be back as well as Geraldine, Nadia, Danyel, and Joey. With the addition of Kelly Grove the team will be tough even in the road races. I think as competition grows, more quality MT riders will stay around. If you can get 30 starters consistently, then there's not much reason to race out of state. The Best All Around Rider Award would help keep riders around as well as more emphasis on the team award. Maybe even a team time trial???

There has been talk of a Montana Out of State Team. What are your thoughts on this. I posted a poll. Personally, I think we should wait this year out and see if there is increased team competition. If teams are more unified and stronger, then there would be no point to create composite teams. I think it would help the cat 1's and 2's. It's got to be lonely out there in a pro 1,2 race. Anyways, please vote....and let's see the response.

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Anonymous said...

Its not that an out-of-state team is a bad idea, right now it sounds more like a solution looking for a problem.
MBRA looks like it is here to stay, I think the organization is doing a good job, but its focus needs to be here in Montana. Let the teams worry about the stage races.

Bob Presta