Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back from the Cascades, back in Missoula

These are pics from 2007 collegiate season. The first is my bro on the podium rocking the old school Oakleys and the second is me warming up for the crit in Corvallis. I'm going to miss collegiate cycling.

My winter break was awesome. I was up in the mountains for a week. It snowed more then 50 inches. I split my time between bc skiing, resort skiing at Stevens, and snowshoeing with the folks. I skied with my bro and his friends for a day. They put the hurt on me. They are only 4 years younger, but the amount of energy they had was amazing. We did run after run. It was great.

Now I'm back in Missoula. It seems to be really windy here. I skied Lost Trail yesterday. The wind was almost unbearable. The snow is still good. I finally got my skate setup dialed. I'm going out today.

I've been thinking about road racing alot recently. Josh and I are trying to figure out what races were going to attend. Definetly all the Montana races, but the out state races we have to be a little more picky. We were thinking about a couple in Wyoming, maybe Cascade, Walla Walla, and maybe even a big trip outside the region.

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