Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

CX Nats in Oregon - Horan hits life away from Missou

Bend, OR will host the next two years of cx nationals. I think it's great. Bend is a sweet town and it's closer then KC. Hopefully we'll get some MT crossers to make the big Portland, Bend weekend.

I've been in the freezer here in North Dakota for the holidays and have been focused on football, beer, bowling and staying warm.

My thoughts are with Horanimal. I'll give a full report after my first visit. I miss that hairless wonder already. Hey Horan, have you made it down the bunny hill yet?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Montanan's shift gears - pro's continue

John, Bill, Longmire, and Proctor were the last Montanan's still racing cross. Geoff will head over to Euro Cross Camp and keep the ball rolling for America's finest. Here's the roster for this year's camp:

2008-2009 Roster


Zach McDonald USA19910213

Gavin Mannion USA19910824

Eric Emsky USA19910621

Cody Kaiser USA19920527

Chris Wallace USA19920320

Cody Cox USA19910119

Joe Dombroski USA19910512

Manny Goguen USA19910502


Bjorn Selander USA19880128

Nick Weighall USA19870607

Danny Summerhill USA19890213

Mitchell Peterson USA19870305

Will Dugan USA19870115

David Hackworthy USA19891110

Jeremy Ferguson USA19900616

Andrew Llewellyn USA19900726


Troy Wells USA19840619

Matt Shriver USA19800526

Brian Matter USA19780704

I'm glad that Shriver is going. He deserves the trip after a stellar year (7th at nats). I read his blog frequently, and he seems like a really good guy who just loves to race. Also, I Nick Weighall his headed to Belgium. This guy has stormed on the scene. He's always been fast but this year he was mixing with the elite's.

For the rest of us Montanan's we are trapped in doors by frigid temperatures and howling winds. I like Jdunp's post about trainers. As for me I've been hurting since the cold weather hit. Two late nights last weekend, and no outdoors time except an attempt to ski at Snowbowl in -25 degrees. Downtown JB, Pipo, LCampbell, KG, and Kelly hit Pattee Canyon nordic last night. We need more snow. Anyways, I'm trying to get inspired by Tamera's Valley of the Sun trip, and UM Cycling's sudden takeover of the world, but it's not happening yet. I'd rather sip Alpine's and be a lodge queen.........

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fiore Prepares to do BATTLE

After a solid weekend in Portland John Fiore is headed to nationals. His form is there and his head is in the right place. He left yesterday for KC. John's race is tomorrow at 3pm. Here's a couple JFiore quotes from this week:

"Just got back to work after 6 laps on the Sam Braxton "cross" course. Felt good and 80% recovered from the weekend. I'm going for a top 10 finish and plan on riding my brains out."

"I leave tomorrow AM and I'm getting really excited to hammer! Looks like highs in the low 40's for Friday's 3:00 pm start. I noticed the stairs on the course...yes!"

Totally John!!! I love it. So what are John's chances of a top ten? Well a top ten is for sure in the cards, especially if the conditions are sloppy. There are some fast 45-49 years olds who weren't in Portland. One of them is Montana's very own Geoff Proctor. Geoff has had an excellent season in Montana and looks to finish with a bang before Euro Adventure. Also in the race is Bill Cochran. He had a breakout 3rd place ride in Portland. His form is excellent and I would be surprised to see him riding well within the top ten. Another BIG name is the defending champ Steve Tilford. Yes, Steve Tilford. Tilford took a 3rd and 7th at Jingle Cross Rock this year. So.......his fitness hasn't gone anywhere (duh). Then you've got the cyclocross dad's who could still give their sons a run for their money. Randy Iddings and Russell Kappius (Ryan and Brady's dads). Fiore, Cochran and Proctor have got their work cut out for them. However with the whole state of Montana cheering from 2000 miles away maybe one of these guys can pull out a special performance and bring home the stars and bars (if that happened you better believe we'd have a national champ skinsuit made for Fiore). So tomorrow when your sitting at work in the afternoon remember John, Bill and Geoff are slugging it out with the best in the country. Give him a bell ring from your office. Go get em fellas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2009 Cyclocross Nationals Rumor Mill reports that Oregon and Washington have a shot at next year's cyclocross nationals event:

‘09 Nats in Oregon? At the final award ceremony at the USGP’s Portland Cup last weekend, Portland Cup (and Cross Crusade) promoter Brad Ross announced to the crowd that, “Next year the U.S. National Cyclocross Championships is sounding very much like it’s gonna potentially be in this state.” Needless to say, the crowd went wild, despite the disclaimer-filled language. Still, with a bid from Bend, OR submitted, does Ross have the inside scoop? Inquiries to USA Cycling about next year’s national championships were not immediately returned, but the chances of a Northwest nats is high, as another bid was submitted from eastern Washington.

What if nationals was in Eastern Washington! Montana would have a full contingent. Maybe Micheal Emde or a Badlands person put in the bid?? If it's anywhere in the northwest it will probably be in Oregon. You could just stay for a week with the USGP 5 and 6 and then nationals.

Also, if you haven't seen already has a race tracker for cyclocross. They will be at this weekend's event. I followed it for the USGP's. You can provide comments, it's a good time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Portland Forgotten Soldiers

With all the great results in Portland I forgot to give props to the working man cyclists. Hdub and Freight Train Frykman also line up their rigs last Saturday and Sunday. Never mind the results (although Freighttrain was 25th on Sunday), these guys represented all you mid pack MT crossers. Major props to you to for racing on the biggest scene and representing your teams and your state.

Also, another shot of Bill Cochran on the podium. Way to go Bill!

Photos by The Currys

Monday, December 8, 2008

Portland USGP's - Montanans Ride the Mud

Montana racers did not disappoint. Lisa Curry won both days of mudding in the women's B! Lisa did it in a field of 40 women both days on courses that are the opposite of Montana terrain. I love it. Congrats to Lisa who deserves these results. Bill Cochran had an excellent weekend. He finished 5th on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. Great racing from one of the most consistent performers this season. His time in the northwest must have helped with the muddy conditions. John Fiore also had a good weekend with a 6th and 7th. John said that Cochran was on fire and the MT guys came to play. Also in those races was Steve Muller who placed 17th and 19th. The results don't stop there. Frykmaniac and Dowd added to Curry's dominance in the category with a 5th, 9th, 10th, and 11th. Great riding by the Delphine ladies! Oh no it doesn't stop there either! Don't forget about John Flurry Curry. He entered the single speed category which had 55 entrants both days. Curry finished 3rd and 2nd respectively. Just to shed a little light on the level of the single speed race, Ian Brown finished 5th behind Curry, and he finished 10th overall in the Cross Crusade Series just behind Vanilla's Molly Cameron (Men's Elite). Great racing MT riders! We'll look for reports and photos.

Above is a photo of the men's elite start taken by Marzullo.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Portland Day 2

Bill Cochran gets 3rd in the masters! Fiore claims 8th. J Curry second in the single speed.

Nash puts the hurt to the field.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Portland Day 1 - Fiore and Cochran storm the top ten

Photos taken by Patrick Marzullo!

Early reports have come in. While Tim Johnson successfully came back from knee problems to win Day 1 in Portland, our Montana masters were strutting their stuff. John Fiore of Team place 6th on the day. Bill Cochran was in the top 5, possibly 5th. That's all we've got right now. Muller was 17th. Keep checkin up!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Portland USGP - More Montanans Yes!!!

I didn't know for sure who was going to Portland, but over the evening an into this morning I was made aware of a couple more MT riders that are headed to the GP's. Montana cross legend and creator of Herron Park Cross, Steve Muller is headed to Portland. He will try to better is 8th place last year in this event. Steve fought an injury early in the season and is trying to come back for a strong end of the year campaign. Also attending from Great Northern is Howard Williams. Hdub dabbled in cross last year, but this year he's gone full throttle and attended numerous races. He'll be repping Montana and Great Northern in Men's B race. The B race will be crazy!! Good luck Hdub and Muller! Keep us posted.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Montana Riders head to Portland

This weekend's US Grand Prix's of Cyclocross will be well represented by MT racers. Montana racers are coming from Bozeman, Missoula, and I think maybe Helena. One man who I know is for sure attending is John Fiore. John has quietly had an excellent cross season. He moved to the men's A races after solid perfomances in the masters A. This time of year is when he starts to get the engine going. He'll be providing with reports from Portland and Nationals. Also attending is an excellent crew from Bozeman. Newbie crosser Patricia Dowd is making the jump to the big leagues and his stoked about it! Also attending are Montana all starts Bill Cochran, John and Lisa Curry, and Amy Frykman. Sorry if I forgot anybody, that's all I've heard of. This is so great to have Montana racers travel to the big stage. Bill and John will represent Montana in the masters, where Fiore 7th and 10th last year. John Curry I think will race the 3's (not confirmed), where he should have an excellent shot at winning. Lisa will test her strength in the women's elite and Frykman and Dowd in the women's 4's. I'm excited to see what happens. I'll try to keep the site updated this weekend as soon as I get Montana reports! GOOD LUCK MT CROSSERS!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vanderwood Rookie of the Year

Good cross racers are hard to find in Montana. Most good Montana crossers have strong ties to the sport of cycling. Bob, Frank, John, and many others tried their hands at mountain, road, and were often inspired by friends who biked and got them into the sport. It's rare for a racer to show up on their own time and try cyclocross racing out of the blue. To take it one step further it's even rarer to have someone dominate the cat 4's move up to 1,2,3's and finish middle of the pack like it's nothing. Karl Vanderwood is the rookie of the year. He won every race he entered as a 4 except Rolling Thunder. Once he became a 3 he didn't miss a beat and finished 8th, 6th, and 9th in the last three races of the year. Quite the rookie campaign for a guy who can flat out ride. I'm excited to see what Karl can do next year. He joined Montana Velo for the second half of the season and will benefit greatly under the wing of Proctor, Frank, and Herzig. Karl received 37 votes (33% of the vote).

Second was Northern Rockies racer Jessie Doll receiving 30 votes. Jessie's late season burst proved to help sway voters. He finished 3rd in the 4's Montana series with top performances in Helena (1st), the State Championship (2nd), and FVV (2nd). His breakout ride was a 6th at Rolling Thunder riding the whole day solo in what was a stacked 4's field.

Third was Rolling Thunder champ Amy Frykman. Frykman was one of only two women up for rookie of the year and collected 21 votes. Amy had a good race in Helena, including a soloing of the front of the dirt crit, but then disappeared until her eye opening ride at Rolling Thunder.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Katie Compton wins World Cup

Katie Compton has won the 4th World Cup of the year. In a two up sprint against Hanka Kupfernagel, Compton led into the last corner and didn't look back. This is Compton's second career world cup win. I watched a Velonews interview at Boulder Cup with Katie and it didn't look promising as she was really hurting. Sure enough she is back on the world scene and putting in her bid for the top female rider in the world. With a second and a first in the last two world cups Compton looks prime for a strong second half of the season. Due to lack of points she's had bad starting positions. She's rode through the field both races to claim podium positions. Also in the race was Laura Van Gilder. Laura's transfer to cyclocross this season is a tribute to the growing sport. She has won everything on the road. Van Gilder has made the the cross transition look smooth as butter. She place 16th at the world cup and looks prime for a good ride in Portland and Kansas City.

Cyclingnews article

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cyclocross Single Speed Worlds

Props to Toby for placing 8th at Single Speed Worlds. In a race that is litered with costumes and cyclocross crazies Toby made is way through the field to take an impressive top ten placing. Good work Toby!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rider Profile - Kevin Bradford- Parish

With a little help from I've done some background research on Redline's Kevin Bradford Parrish. A couple years ago we went to a mountain bike race in Spokane. We were all pretty confident as there was a low turnout. However, little did we know that KBP was in the expert race. He killed us. From then on I'd noticed his name poke up in numerous results including national caliber events. I was hoping he'd come to Rolling Thunder, but it was great to see him at the Montana State Championship. As you can see from, his top rivals are Russell Stevenson (6th at Star Crossed), Tonkin, Weighall (7th at USGP 1 and 2), Sheppard (Cross Crusade all star), and Andy Jacques Maynes. That's basically the second major group of North American Cyclocross. I think his best result this year is a 10th place at Boulder Cup. The last two years at Nats he's placed 21st and 23rd respectively. The real question is would he have beaten Sam Krieg at Rolling Thunder? I don't know, but what I do know is that our region is getting faster and faster. Hopefully we can put a series together in the near future to showcase some of these riders.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vertical Earth makes their mark - Montana State Championship

This year's State Championship was great. Racers and spectators were treated to a short, twisty circuit. As you can see from the photos the weather was beautiful. All the photos were taken by John Sieber, Thanks to Tamara, Kyle, and Bob for promoting the race. Also, thanks to the entire NRO crew for volunteering.

The women/men 4/masters b race was up first. First thing I noticed was JDoll with a super fast start knabbing the hole shot. He was followed by a nice little group of Chad, JDunph, Delmue, a VE fellow, and a couple others. Soon the dust settled and their were just two in front.....JDoll and Delmue. Jessie was paying a little bit from his earlier efforts but wasn't giving an inch. Jason used phenomenal tactics and strength in attacking the NRO man at the perfect time. From their it was a pursuit to the finish. Jason took the gold and the state championship after a dominating men 4 debut. Impressive was Jessie who has put his bid in for the most improved rider. Riding in third most of the day was the Vertical Earth rider who looked great and gave up little ground to the two leaders. For the second Missoula race in a row the doctor charged through the ranks of Masters B and Men 4 riders to finish in the top 5! Props to DRuby. Duvall stayed consistent like he has all year and was railing the corners.

The ladies race was highlighted by a much anticipated showdown between Vertical Earth's Jenni Gaertner and Lisa Curry. Jenni grabbed the early lead and never looked back. Lisa pushed hard and didn't give much ground, but the VE rider was just too strong. Jenni was strong from start to finish. The women's 4 race was fun to watch. We had a nice group of the strong women. NRO, GAS, Delphine, and Muleterro were all repping. I think Frykman took the race, but the heat was coming from behind. TT (Tracy), PDowd, and LD were all gunning for the Delphine rider. It was excellent racing from the the ladies after a breakout year for Women in Montana Cyclocross. Curry looked textbook through all the obstacles as did many of the ladies.

The second race of the day had numerous battles that were anxiously waiting to be played out. Once I saw Redline's Kevin Bradford Parrish register I knew it would be a long day in the saddle for our MT riders. Kevin frequents the national circuit in mountain and cyclocross. We've seen him race Star Cross and numerous other large events. Also, the Vertical Earth van pulled up and then I knew it would be an even bigger task to keep to State Crown in Montana. I knew Gaertner's experience would suit him well in a twisty short course. The race played out with a big group up front. Then the Redline man hit the gas and was never seen again. The chasing group settled into Gaertner, Proctor, and Curry. Just behind was The Tank and Doug Dale (wearing a pink helmet cover). Curry was in a cross legends sandwich as the two more experienced riders took the corners with ease. John didn't give up an inch and claimed his first cyclocross State Championship. Gaertner got way from the Montana boys and took second on the day. Rounding out the top five were Proctor, and Frank. Great racing by Doug Dale kept in contention as he ended up 6th.

While not surprising I thought Geoff rode an excellent race and put himself in the hunt for a state championship. Doug rode great. I have to publicly apologize to Dougie. I've been giving him a hard time about his lack of results, and he came out and killed it in a stacked field. I hope can sign the wild man again for next year. The two GNC riders Cman and Schmidt rode a great race. Also, Vanderwood, Thomas, Dollar Bill, and Lussier continued their Montana hard men legend by riding solo to top ten peformances. Overall I thought it was a nice close to the Montana season. No crazy surprises, but solid racing by folks who've been doing it all season.

The Master Men A was also a much anticipated battle between Cochran, Wehyrich, and Fiore. Johnny Fiore stole the show and grabbed the state crown. Wehyrich had a nasty spill early on that took him out of contention. Cochran stayed consistent and didn't come away empty handed as he won the series title. Fiore didn't win overall as a Vertical Earth rider took the victory.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Montana State Championship

Tomorrow is the Montana State Cyclocross Championship. It's been a great year in Montana. The biggest year since I've been racing. The course is set and ready to rock. We had a great crew setting up this morning (KSS, Fiore, JBrooks, JDoll, Bobby, and Tamara). The course ended up being twisty and contained. The Fort doesn't have alot of elevation gain so we made it hard where we could. I think it's a wonderful course that reminds me of the vintage Hartman course setting days (including the hopable barriers). The weather looks good, and the Fort should provide a nice backdrop for the drama to unfold. For some reason I always rememember the state races in Montana. I can replay last year's race in my head like it was yesterday. I think others are the same way.....

Tomorrow's course should be suited towards power riders who are good in the corners. There are 4 potential dismounts per lap, but one is hopable. The dismounts don't involve heavy running, with only one short run up. I expect to see riders like Proctor, and Lussier to have solid races. Besides the Men's A's I think the Masters is going to be the battle to watch. Fiore vs Wehyrich vs Cochran, great racing! Also, the women should put on a nice show with LDouglas confirming her appearance and maybe a possible showing by Tracy Thomas. LCurry will be tough to beat if she races with the ladies....and look for another state championship from the Bozeman native.

Maybe Vertical Earth will show and we can have another Idaho vs Montana battle......

Regardless, the course is ready, the Pabst is on ice, let's get ready to rumble!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

DNRC Cyclocross - Lots to talk about and not very much time is back. I thought it was lost in cyberspace forever. Thanks to everyone who emailed, phoned, and facebooked. I appreciate the comments. To make a long story short I forgot to renew the domain name for the blog. However, it took me a week to finally figure out what was going on. The renewal notice was sent sent to an old email. Techno crap.

So, back to cyclocross! I didn't even get to post about our home race DNRC cross. I thought the course was wonderful. A nice touch of mud and some tricky corners over varied scenery. Good turnout for a late season Montana race. I saw lots of Missoulians, and some usual MT CX suspects. Props to Soph SAK "Captain Kirk" Kircos for loaning me the Ramblumtick. In my rushed state back to the pit area I had three options; fix the chain, ride KG's Ridley, or ride SAK's Ramby. Easy decision.... as I still stare at my old Ramblumtick frame in the spare bedroom quite frequently. As for the racing it was fairly predictable. I watched the men's 4's with Kid Curry and Martini. Two excellent people to watch a race with. Curry thought Delmue would be up there and we all agreed, but I knew that Chad Dear was a smart racer and wouldn't let him get away. Also, I thought the two NRO bros would be high up JDoll and DPierce. It turns out we were close. Delmue rode away with the victory but had to shake Doll and Chad. JDoll powered to 2nd followed by a late surging DPierce. Pierce's best race, and Doll's best besides Thunder. Delmue looked solid as usual. Chad thrived on the technical stuff early but faded just a bit to finish fourth. Picture is Dr. Ruby who had the ride of the day in 5th. He was the last person off the line!!!! In the coming days I'll post some Euro shots of the Ruby.

The ladies race was great entertainment. Lisa started with the men 4 and, so the ladies race was bump and grind all the way to the finish. Tracy T and P Dowd were banging heads early until TT caught a gap to claim her first MT win (she should race more cross).

In the men's race the most shocking event was seeing the Vertical Earth van pull up. Until the van showed I figured it would be a battle between MT Velo and GAS. Hopefully everyone remembers this years Rocky Mountain Roubaix and how VE dominated Montana's Queen Classic. I had not forgotten. I was even keeping up with the fellas in their own series over in Spokane. Kris Holden had been racking up results and Mike Gaertner killed the Masters 30+ at Star Crossed and Rad Racing. Also, Gabe Varela had a breakout rode season, and put the hurt to me and Bessetti at Rad Racing. I knew it would a great battle. I don't know how the racing played out, but Curry bobbled in the woods and FRANK the TANK strolled back into to victory lane. Proctor was doing battle with Holden. It was great to watch. Holden who I noticed had a bad start surged to third place with Proctor and Gaertner rounding out the top five. Beyond that I thought everyone played suit. I was willing Bobby and Fiore into the top five but Martini, Varela, and Gaertner were too strong. I thought the race was great and on a side note Montana has some seriously fast cx racers. I can't wait for the next month where we get to see some of our finest riders compete on the national stage.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Missoula DNRC Cyclocross/GIRO Movie - SUNDAY

At this point in the week I think most folks have already decided whether or not their attending 5VV cross. The race is on Sunday, and the flier is below. You can click on it to make it bigger. The course is being designed by John Wehyrich and the race is being put on by Bessettii (new Italian spelling, he's so Euro), KSS, and myself. We're not bringing in the heavy Rolling Thunder artillery but we've got some nice touches. Music, and possible live announcer, creek bed crossing, forest riding, and all the best Montana cross racers. There should be some rowdy fans on site to cheer on the racers. If you come in Saturday evening be sure to attend the Missoula Bicycle Works Party at 7pm, and the Giro Discovery Movie Premier at 8pm. The event is a fundraiser for UM Triathlon. This is a cyclocross blog, but shout out to UM Triathlon, I'm expecting big things out of Matty Shryock, Luebbbbbbke and Ben Hhhhhhhoran. I posted the Movie trailer above for folks who are not familiar with the Giro Discovery. Shout out to Ruby. Jensen is coming to town this weekend, as is Pitbull, Halpin, and Cman. Should be wild. Group MTB ride at 1pm Saturday meeting at Dales (Monroe and Cherry).

Back to cross. I wasn't there last week, but it sounds like J Curry had another good ride. Also up there was Geoff and Scotty. Hopefully the MT Velo crew will head over to Zoo town this weekend. I think we've got another fast power course on are hands. That should favor John, but I don't really know what doesn't favor John at this point??? Regardless count on State Champs to be twisty, running, and recovery sections. Sunday will be fun. Hopefuly some Missoula CXer's will be out. Hope to see ya'll on Saturday evening. Man, Big Wells killed it in Boulder, read his blog for sweet updates.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helena #8 - Andrew Genco Reporting

It’s official, I’ve made it, wants me to write a race report. I never thought I’d be given such an honor, but lady luck is smiling down on me. Anyway the race this weekend in Helena was enjoyable despite the small turnout. All morning the skies looked like they could open up at any time, however the rain never came. The course was a nice mix of steep climbs and descents, 180 degree turns, and long straightaways. I lined up behind Proctor at the start, hoping that I could hold his wheel for the first fifty feet. That didn’t happen and by the time we’re over the first set of barriers I’m in firm control of DFL. While the fast guys head off to do their racing thing, I just try to find something that resembles a rhythm. Halfway through I’m starting not to feel too terrible, and do my best to avoid getting lapped by Curry before the last lap. Not surprisingly Curry laps we with two laps to go on his way to a textbook victory. That’s how it ends, three cheers for Kyle, Big Fiore, Mini Fiore, KG, and “Dollar” Bill Martin for representing Missoula at the race. I’m looking forward to this weekend’s race in Missoula, and the post race kegger at Shaun’s house (he’ll provide directions to his house at the venue). That’s all I got, hope you felt something that resembles enjoyment.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Dan's Missoula Cross Halloween Video

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! The Halloween race was a blast. Check out Sieber's photos on the link above. The Gym Teacher won, but was challenged hard by Bravehart, Joe the Plumber, and Superman. In the costume contest, Meryl Mary Storb took home the prize riding the whole race in a goldfish costume. Thanks John Wearwolf Fiore for setting up a great course. Should be some good action this weekend in Helena. Byron from G Divide says he's revamping the course. I'm skipping this weekend to take a cross breather. However, the following weekend in Missoula is going to be epic. It starts Saturday night with party and GIRO movie premier at MBW, 7pm. Sunday is a new venue!!!! UM Cycling hosted a cross race at the DNRC a couple years ago, and FVV is returning again for another year of pain. Course designers include John Wehyrich (long laps, flat and fast) and Kyle KSS Shannon (barriers, run-ups, technical). Should be a good mix of folks. We're trying to get music for the race and lots of spectators. Hope to see ya'll out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Race Tonight at Fort Missoula

The best race of the year is tonight! All you need is a costume and a half working bicycle. Cross expert John "The Magician" Fiore will be setting up the course. Kick off Halloween the right way......on a cross course! 5:45 start time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bragging Rights

I may not be up to par with the actual racing my bike, but I'm 4th out of 221 in the CX Magazine Fantasy Pool. Click the link if you'd like to enter. It's a hoot.

Woodland Park - Curry back to winning ways

Woodland was put on by Matt Butterfield and the Sportsman's Ski Haus crew. Woodland Park is a great venue and offers a variety of terrain. Highlights include a switchback paved climb, singletrack to run-up, and fast forest roadish descent. I loved the course last year and was excited for Saturday's race.

LC joined the men's 4/masters B group and rode well. I think she cracked the top 7. In the women's 4's Julie Z took a well deserved victory holding off her own teammate. Great job Julie, everyone was stoked on the win. Third and fourth were teammates KG Grover and SAK.

The men's race was dominated by new MT Velo rider Karl Vanderwood. He looked smooth as butter riding away from the field with ease. I was wondering when the Velo crew was going to snatch up the rookie of the year.

The men's 1/2/3 race had the usual suspects and a few new faces for this season. Pipo Grove was in attendance. As was power man Eric Greenburg and recently upgraded A Genco. The race started off a bit weird but soon settled into the usual battles. Curry was on his own after a Frank mechanical and Proctor mechanical, crash?? John dominated the day and the chase group didn't even get close. If you give JC an inch he'll make it a mile in a quick hurry. I'll put up the video ASAP so you can see Curry hopping the uphill barrier. It was very Todd Wells esque. 2nd through 4th was fought amongst the hard men of cyclocross. Who do you think I'm talking about???? Of course, Bobby P, Lussier, and Proctor. Brad wasn't there, but if he was I bet he would have been in that group. Lussier and Bob were riding along in 2nd and 3rd until Geoff bridged up after his early problems. These three attacked eachother nonstop. Bob was running and mounting really well. Proctor threw in some digs on the single track, and Lussier was solid all around. It was cyclocross at it's finest. No one was strong enough to go on their own. Lussier attacked early after the descent before the finish and held the gap to the line. GAS 1......2. Bob came in third (best finish of the year) and Geoff who I thought had a great ride to bridge to this group finished 4th. Guess who was fifth?? Yes, power man Eric Greenburg. Yes, he can ride cyclocross, and yes he has and endless supply of power.

Agressive rider of the day goes to Phil Grove. He switched bikes and still managed to pass half the field. He was breathing fire all day long. Wish you would race more Pipo. Your fun to watch! In traditional Phil fashion he was able to put himself into the zone and power through a course, that I think suited his abilities.

Besides the Proctor, Presta, Lussier battle the Great Northern/Wehyrich sandwhich was my favorite of the afternoon. Craig pulled a great ride to hang with John, and good ole C-man tagged on the back. It was super fun to watch this unique group go at eachother. Craig was great on the run-up, but John was able to hang with him and grab the masters A victory.

We'll save the bottom half of this race recap for the "life at the back report." Like I said above I was into this course and expected to try and crack the top ten. I had a good start and was leading a group just behind Cman. My chain snapped and I was back at the pits with DT JB. I thought JB would work his magic, but my chain was to short and with the links taken out the derailuer was stretched to capacity. I was upset about the chain, but more upset that I didn't finish the race. Cyclocross is all about perserverance. I could have rode my bike as a single speed or at least jumped on JB's. It's one of those things that haunts me in winter months. Not finishing races. Regardless look for links to other race reports. Hopefully E Bessetoo will give us his take, maybe Bobby, and also the GAS fellas.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rolling Thunder Videos

I was worried about not having a video for Rolling Thunder, but thankfully John Curry and the GAS team put something together as did Bill Martin from Muleterro. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rolling Thunder - A man with a plan - Tyler Hurst

I know he didn't plan it this way, but Tyler Hurst's emergence onto the cyclocross scene has been flawless. It started in the late summer where his roommates (DT JB, Horanimal, and Baby Matty) began harassing him and his girlfriend Ali to race cross. Honestly, I was more interested in getting his girlfriend to race. I knew it would be cool if we could get another strong women out there. I'd ridden with Tyler a couple times and knew he was strong rider, and a good bike handler but I thought his motivation to race had come and gone with his youth. After his Wednesday night debut he placed 26th, and I thought that he was just out for fun this year, and it was great having him in the scene. The next week he figured his crap out and came in with a plan coming in 2nd. The week after that even more motivated he won his first race. He won by leading into the most technical downhill and not looking back. His bike handling skills are good, but what's under estimated is his desire to win. I think many of us saw it on Saturday afternoon. I've heard lots of stories about Vanderwood having mechanicals, but the bottom line is that T Hurst was well off the leaders in the middle of the race, tagging with the leaders in the middle of the race, and coming around the last corner in first place. We didn't see a race like that all day. Someone who was in the chamber work his way to the front, and then win the race. Excellent riding.

The race was fun to watch. It was great to see a couple others join Delmue and Vanderwood at the head of a 4's race. Dustin Phillips and T Hurst latched onto the two leaders to form a group of four. I think Jason had a mechanical, because on one of the laps he came around a little off the leaders. Into the last lap it was Phillips leading followed by Vanderwood and then Hurst. Delmue, Vanderwood, Hurst, and Phillips all rode brilliantly on the front. I was thinking Karl would take the W, but Hurst came around that last corner and I couldn't believe it. Great exciting racing. Hurst, Phillips, Vanderwood, and Delmue.

Rounding out the podium was another consistent performance by A Genco. He's leading the Wednesday night series, and been up in the top 5 all year long in the Montana Cup. He rode solo for most of the race. As did 6th place Jessie Doll. Great ride by the NRO man to hold off a nice group behind him. His teammate Dan Pierce held off a hard charging DT Joel Brown to grab 7th. JB was 8th, 9th was Jeff Seaton who was riding excellent technically, rounding out the top ten was 5VV rider Justin Cloute. 7-10 were riding together for a long time before Dan broke it up.

Other notable performances included to solid riders coming in 11th and 12th, Chad Duvall and Murphy. I thought Cory Hard rode a nice race and had the best post race outfit. Props to the juniors Wyatt, Sullivan, and Lucca for riding two races.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rolling Thunder - I'm not Surprised, and neither should you be - Sam Krieg

For those of you who were surprised to see Sam Krieg take the Rolling Thunder victory.........don't be! He's a heck of a cyclocross racer and has been winning races (including last year's Bozeman races) for a while. Last November MT Cross posted a short blurb about him nabbing 6th and 7th at Jingle Cross, After he won the Bozeman races last year we did a short little email interview, We've actually been covering him since the inception of the blog one year ago. He's a great rider and one the only guys who races with the big boys on a consistent basis. Anyone who has talked to Sam knows he's a super nice guy. We were so lucky to have him at Rolling Thunder and we wish him well with the rest of his season. I think he's got 100 new fans in Montana.

Bobby P grabbed the hole shot and looked tough early on. He was followed by the Montana all stars Brad, Frank and John, and the two Sam's. The second group contained Geoff, Toby, Dale, Lussier, and a believe a couple others. As the adrenaline wore down so did the racers. Things started to settle in and the lead group formed. Sam Krieg, Frank G, J Curry, and Sammy Schultz hanging on the back. Curry and Frank looked excellent. Everyone seemed to be swapping turns nicely. I liked the dynamic of the group, thinking it's kind of a 2 vs. 2 situation. Both Curry and FG put in surges that only Krieg could follow. Finally right at about the halfway mark Krieg put in a surge past the finish that put the MT riders into difficulty. Sam didn't look back much and through the course, looking faster and faster on each lap. Curry and Frank took turns pulling and I think even had a crash or two that didn't help the chase. Those Montana fellas looked fast. I feel like we've been covering Frank and John alot and saying how fast they are, but at Rolling Thunder I think they proved to a local Montana audience that they really are on the next level. While the two MT fellas were going at Sam Schultz was getting his brakes figured out and powering towards them. He towed Dale around for a bit and rode as well. Eventually the Subaru Gary Fisher rider was too strong and passed FG and JC to take 2nd. Frank got his second 3rd in two years and really earned it. Curry came in for a strong 4th and Brad rounded out the podium in 5th. Brad rode the whole race by himself. He held off a surging Geoff Proctor and Alex Lussier. Who finished 6th and 7th. AL had a great sprint on the pavement to take 6th. In 8th looking great was top finisher Toby Meierbachtol. He rode with Martini for second half of the race. Martini surged through the field and took the 9th spot. Rounding out the top 10 was Tomas Dumbrovsky who just like I thought had a heck of a race.

Other performances of note were John Wehyrich's impressive masters A win. He took it from Bill Cochran who'd been killing that category this year. I think John was riding somewhere near 13th for most of the race. Fastest over the barriers was by far Craig Prather of Great Northern Cycles. He was flying over those things. I loved the triathlete battle which started as Halpin, Seely, Bessette, but ended with Bessette getting the better of the two. I also though Freight Train Frykman rode a great race. After mechanical issues for most of the season he looked awesome.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rolling Thunder - Frykman Stands Alone

In a crazy ladies, race Frykman stands alone. When you've only raced cyclocross 2 times and in your 3rd race you win the biggest ladies cross race in Montana you've gotta be feeling good. Amy Frykman won the ladies race and the Kona Major Jake frame/fork. She did it by confident, steady riding. In only her 3rd cyclocross race ever Amy started steady in the top 5 and slowly moved her way up. The first part of the race was dominated by super fast Lisa Curry. She took the hole shot and didn't look back. An untimely flat took her out of contention. Curry battled back to claim her 3rd place and make it 3/3 in Rolling Thunder podiums. For several laps Erika Krumpleman pushed Frykman but the strong Team Delphine rider held her off to take her first cyclocross victory. The rest of the top ten looked like a who's who of ladies cross in MT. 10th was Frykman's teammate Patricia Dowd who rode brilliantly in her cross debut. 9th was ever present Michelle Richardson who looked strong. 8th was Wednesday night all star Megan Slivka, who started off super well. 7th was Julianne "Julie" (thanks Julie), from Muleterro. 6th was Tracy Thomas, who was a surpise entrant but looked great almost climbing on top of the podium. Missoulian Rhea Fuller took 5th on an mtb and was super smooth through the techy sections. 4th was Laurel Douglas Douglas who along with Frykman I thought had one of the rides of the race. She didn't let anything effect her as she climbed into 4th and held it all race long. Ladies thank you for the excellent racing. I had a great time watching as did everyone else. Congrats to Amy Frykman and all the other ladies!

Rolling Thunder - Juniors/Men 4/Master B/LADIES all shine!

We had great racing all day Saturday. 122 racers ran the course. Including 23 women and 36 men 4! The 23 strong ladies race was so cool!!

Thanks to all our sponsors; Sapphire Physical Therapy, Great Northern Cycles, Missoula Bicycle Works, Big Dipper, Hammer Nutrition, and the Cycling House.