Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Back in the day

Being back at home and riding with my dad is bringing back memories. These are photos from my first race in 2004. Phil and myself had just finished our first collegiate B race. There was a big climb in the middle of the race which broke the group up. We hit the climb and the group surged......I had no idea what was going on. Of course both of us and Rob were in the back of the group. So, going into the climb so we really had no chance. Halfway up I was being dropped, Phil came sprinting past me and yelled something. I sprinted to grab his wheel and we both caught back on up and over the climb. I had never pushed myself that hard in anything. I had ridden numerous bike tours, but I had never felt pain like that. We descended and now there was only 15 riders left. Although we were riding tempo I was getting weaker and weaker, I couldn't figure it out. Phil asked how I was doing, and then gave me some Hammer Gel for the first time. I tried it and had an instant boost of energy. With 5k left both of us were looking good. I didn't know how to sprint, or even how the finish would play out. I thought we would drill it with 2k left and people would just drop. We got to the finishing hill and both of us were completely out of place in the back. With 1k, people started launching. We followed all the moves. With 500 meters, we were dropping riders left and right. I put my head down and kept the pushing. A MSU dude came around from the left with 200 meters and it was obvious no one could follow. Phil yelled to me "Go, go, go!" I sprinted with everything I had. No one came by me. I could see MSU cross the line hands raised. I was so tired I couldn't even count the people in front of me. My dad told me I finished 5th across the line. I learned the most important lesson about bike racing. Everyone is hurting it's who can manage their effort, and sprint at the end. That race felt like years. I can still remeber every move, every effort, and what was spoken in the peleton. The team time trial was even better. We were so serious. We had commands and all sorts of stuff. I had read books and watched pro TT's. We were the best Collegiate B TTT team that ever exsisted. Marzullo and I would pull on the uphill, and Rob and Phil would pull on the flats and downhills. We won one TTT that year and it was the highlight by far. Still to this day I have sucked at TT's and TTT's. I think that will always be the highlight of my TT career.

I miss collegiate cycling already.......

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Props to Frank G for winning the MT Cross Championships, and making me look good in this photo (we were hanging on the back)

Props to Tim Johnson. It was a long time in between championships but he made it happen. He never gave up in the last couple laps and it paid off.

Props to US Cyclocross, folks are starting to make paper.

Props to MBRA for hopefully introducing the Best All Around Rider Award.......a step in the right direction. Also big thanks to the MBRA committee for putting in work.

Props to the Cascades for having hella snow right now (I'm headed that way tomorrow!).

Props to Snowbowl for actually having some of the better snow in the state.