Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, November 9, 2007

State Championship News

The much anticipated State Championship has posted some information. The race will be Sunday November 18th at Fort Missoula. Like the Woodland Park race, there will be a seperate men's A race. The promoter is Mike Beltz from the Northern Rockies team. Myself, and other NRO folks will be helping Mike with all the usuals. The Fort courses are always relatively flat. I know Mike will be putting in a big run-up, on the southside.......other then that is should be flat and twisty.

In preparation for the biggest race of the season I will be posting a preview of each category, Monday (menA), Tuesday (women), Wednesday (menB), Thursday (master). Also, the polls will continue right up to the start. With only eleven votes so far, Frank G has taken the early lead with 3 votes. Frank might be benefitting from all of's publicity. Hahaahahaha, I don't think so, Frank's just a chill dude.

Cross this Weekend

This Sunday there is a cross race just north of Cour'd Alene. It's part of the Inland Northwest Cross Series, that Emde Sports puts on:

I looked at the recent results, and noticed that Spokane's finest has been showing up the the majority of this series. Both local pros, Kevin Bradford-Parrish and Erik Holden have swapped victories in the series. Also, some of the Whitman College racers have been showing.

It should be entertaining. I will provide a full report, including comparisons between Inland Northwest Cross and Montana Cross.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

State Championship Poll

I posted the State Championship poll early so everyone would have a chance to vote. Let's see who the people's champ is?????

Unrelated to cross, today's video featuree is Paolo Bettini. Check out the hightlights from Giro Lombardia (second from the left). The guy is a madman. He's attacking, he's descending it's flipping awesome!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rider Profile: Brendan Halpin

Brendan Halpin is one of Missoula's finest athletes. This past season he really stepped his game up. I thought I'd swing a couple questions Brendan's way and see how he is handling his new successes. He grew up in Whitefish, MT with Doug Dale, Chris Connelly, and Ben Raffato......all crazy cross racers some of you might know. He studied at UM and earned his degree in history. While in college he raced for the UM Triathlon Team. He started to make a name for himself by quality results at nationals and in the Grizzly. His senior year he was the captain and the fastest guy on the team. This past year was is breakout season. He finished Ironman Cour'd Alene and Ironman Hawaii, winning his age group in Cour'd Alene. He also posted to notch results at wildflower, Hellgate Duathlon (winner), and Giro Discovery. His pro card should soon follow....

MC: What's your favorite TT bike?
Halp: The Orbea Ordu

MC: What are you training for next season?
Halp: Ironman 70.3, Worlds!!!!

MC: What's your favorite triathlon course?
Halp: Wildflower

MC: Are you pumped with how last season went?
Halp: Hell yeah!

MC: Who's your favorite Montana Crosser?
Halp: Frank "the tank" Gonzalez

MC: Who's your favorite Pro Crosser?
Halp: Barry Wicks
We congratulate Brendan on a great season and wish him luck next year. will keep track of all Brendan's racing.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Centennial Cross (Helena) - Frank G is hella fast

Yesterday was a great day of racing in the capitol city of Helena. Byron and the Great Divide Cycling Team put on a good event. I appreciated the $15 entry. It would be nice to make that the standard rate. The course was fast. Lots of straightaways and hard surfaces. Also, it was unseasonably warm.

The men's race started off by everyone stringing out into a long line. There was a big headwind, and everyone was looking for a wheel. Leading the group out was Frank, Jamul, Scott Herzig, and John C. As we hit the more technical sections I looked ahead and saw Frank just flying! Soon, I came up on John C, who unfortunately had an early mechanical. On the second lap Bill Martin powered by me in the headwind section, and resumed his usual business of passing everyone. Soon, I was in the back. I tried to ride with Alex L for awhile, but I couldn't hang on. In the end Frank rode to a well deserved victory, his first in the Montana Cup. Second was Scott, who had a great race (it must have been the Kiss socks). Third was Bill Martin who continues his amazing cross season. Rounding out the podium was Brad Morgan and John Curry. Brad Morgan seems to be getting better every week. He has all the power in the world, maybe it was just a matter of getting used to the cross bike. The Montana Cup series has gotten even tighter with Frank G and Bill Martin in a tie for first with 104 each. Curry is still in the hunt with 96. The winner will come from those three. I noticed on the results that Frank and Bill's racing age is both over 40. I don't know if those are right or not, but if they are.....these dudes need to go to nationals!!! Montana Cross would kill the 40-45 category. I wish had some cash, because I would send them! You guys are killing it.

The women's race was a showdown between series leader Michelle, and Lisa Curry. Lisa came out on top with a nice victory. That puts her 24 points behind Michelle in the Montana Cup series. Michelle just needs to show up in Missoula, to claim her crown. I'm looking forward to the ladies match-up of Gaskill (1 win), Lisa (3 wins), and Michelle (1 win). Who will be the state champ???

The men's B was won by Phil Hess. He is tough to beat. All that single speeding has made him tough to beat on the cross bike. Kyle Shannon continued his great season finishing second and widening his lead in the Montana Cup. Congrats to Kyle on the Series Victory, he deserves it. Craig Pozega rounded out the top 3 for a Great Divide 1 and 3.

Master's men was again dominated by Steve Mueller. I tried to ride with Steve for a little bit. The guy is just a great rider. Technically sound, and lots of power. Steve is to far behind John W. for the series title, but he'll be gunning for the state championship in Missoula. Speaking of John he continued his consistent racing with 2nd, 3rd was Walt Chauner, and 4th was David Schoening my Ridley teammate.

Here's a run down of victories leading up to the State Championship:

Butte: Curry

Bozeman: Sam Krieg

Bozeman: Sam Krieg

Missoula: Muhlfeld

Missoula: Curry

Whitefish: Doug Dale

Kalispell: Doug Dale

Helena: Frank G

Missoua State Championship: ?????

Best Ride: Frank Gonzalez/Lisa Curry

Most Aggressive: Brad Morgan

Hanging Tough: John Curry