Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Friday, November 2, 2007

Montana Cross Update, and Comments

I haven't been in the cross scene long, but this is the most hype I've seen about Montana Cross. All this hype (especially in Missoula), will come to a climax November 18th in Zoo-Town. This year's state championships should be a wild ride. Not only is there a week of rest between Helena and the championship, but more crossers have stayed in shape longer this year.

The men's overall title is a three-way race between Missoula's Bill Martin, John Curry, and Frank Gonzalez. With two races left only 5 points seperate the three. This year to win the title you had to show up to the majority of the races........and race well, if you weren't in the top 5 consistently you can throw your chances out the window. The women's series is being led by Michelle Richardson, who has a 28 point lead over Lisa Curry. Lisa will need some good results, and places ahead of Michelle in order to take the title. The men's B is all but decided. Kyle Shannon has a commanding 45 point lead over Erik Digby. Kudos to Five Valley who have the top 4 on lock down with Kyle, Erik, Howard, and Ely. All those Thursday practice sessions have really paid off. That's what we need..........bringing people through the ranks. Kyle and Erik will be great additions to the 1,2,3 field next year. The masters is being dominated by John Wehyrich. Fiore is in 2nd but has a long way to go.

I compare the Montana Cross Series and State Championship to the World Championship and ProTour Titles in pro road racing. While the ProTour Title is a tremendous honor and shows both consistency and hard work, the World Championship is special......everyone wants to wear that rainbow jersey. This year I think it would be very prestigious to say you were the Montana State Champ. Who knows, maybe we can organize a jersey??? A montana flag jersey or something????

The State Championship could go to anyone in the men's A. Curry has raced the most consistent, but Doug has looked impressive in his two wins and a second. You can never count out Clint, we learned that at this year's Rolling Thunder. Although they don't have Montana wins yet, Frank, Phil, Bill, and Ben Parsons are all possible victors. Since the race is in Missoula, you never know who might show up to spoil the party. Maybe Jamul will make another appearance???? Perhaps Sam Krieg might come out and ruin the Montana Party. One thing is for sure it will be a great race, with lots of respect and props going to the winner.

I will post my official pre-race guide on Monday November 12th.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Cross

Last night's Halloween Cross race was amazing. This race has to be continued for years to come. John Wehyrich organized a great course. We all rode a nuetral lap, and then raced 4 total laps. There was a huge leaf pit, stair climb, and the "mound". Everyone I talked to had a blast. For more photos click on this link,, John Seiber took some great photos.

The races started off at a blistering pace as the baseball player and wigged rider took the early lead. Soon the hunter caught up and took the lead. The business man, and ghost were still in the hunt. The hunter on his full suspension mountain bike could easily rider over every obstacle, giving him an advantage. The race came down to a sprint between the wigged rider and the hunter. The wigged rider took it in the end, with the businessman finishing third.

I was chilling in the leaf pile, after a lap. Myself, the goat, three blind mice, and the prisoner drank some nice Pabstttt in the leave pile until the last lap. The 1 and half bike crew was amazing, the agility to ride that thing while drinking Pabstttttt and smoking cigars was impressive. The hockey player was also impressive. Riding an old ass bike, he just kept motoring away in full pads. The Kiss rider had a good ride, especially through the tires. And don't forget the Hulk!! I love America!!

I've got to give a shoutout to the best costume of the night......even though he didn't race....the Optimus Prime costume from Transformers by far takes the cake.

Best Ride with Bulky Costume: The Hunter (w/BOB Trailer)
Best Technical Ride: Chainsaw hand (riding with one hand for 4 laps!)
Best Costume: Ghosts on 1.5 bike
Most Patriotism: Hulk Hogan
Best Fall: Ghost with trenchcoat into the leave pile head first
Most Heart: Hockey Player

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rider Profile: Sam Krieg

Sam Krieg is a crosser out of Pocatello, ID. Montana folks know Sam from his recent trip to the Bozeman cross races. He easily won both races that weekend and made me wonder more about his racing palmares. I had forgotten about how I wanted to look him up until recently. I was looking at the results of the first GP last weekend in Louisville and saw that Sam finished 42 on day 1 and 43 on day 2. Knowing how hard those races are I was pleasantly surprised with his results. Besides Kris Holden and Kevin Bradford Parrish (both out of the Spokane area) we don't have anyone representing the Idaho/Montana cross scene. I was happy to see Sam travel all the way out there and put in some good results. Just for reference there are 85 starters in the men's elite. The GP's are for the US's elite crossers. Look at Molly Cameron and Erik Tonkin. These guys have dominated Portland's Cross Crusade and are finishing in the 20's. Here is a little quote from Sam on this weekend's GP's, "The first few laps were just carnage. I have raced a few UCI races and am in AWE of the guys that can turn super fast laps. Our lap times were fast enough to podium in the 35+ race but barely enough to not get lapped in the elite."

Sam is also involved with, which sells sweet bicycle bags. Check it out if you have time. He's hosting a race in Pocatello on Novemeber 17th. He's a great guy and I wish him all the luck with rest of his season. Look for him in the results on or well be keeping tabs on Sam for the rest of the year. Sam's blog is

Sick Cross Videos

I posted some nasty cross footage. The one on the far left with the motorcycle in the picture is amazing. Watch it if you have time.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What are the Pro's up to???

This past weekend was the first stop for the US Grand Prix Series. Over the past couple seasons the Kona duo of Wicks and Trebon have dominated the series. However, last weekend was not meant to be for the twin towers. had put together a strong team with Jeremy Powers, Tim Johnson, and Lynn Bessette. They took advantage of wounded Trebon and tag teamed the crap out of him. Powers eventually went on for the victory. He has three UCI wins this year. Johnson rode away from Trebon and finished second. On Sunday, it came down to Johnson and Trebon. This time it was Johnson's turn, as he distanced the Kona rider on almost all the technical sections of the course. In the women's races number one ranked rider in the world Katie Compton won both days fairly easily. Georgia Gould got within 30 seconds on Sunday's race, but that was as close as anyone got. Lynn Bessette was under the weather and did not have a good weekend.

Some other peformances of note. Danny Summerhill won both U23 races, and continues to show why he is the future of the sport. Chris Jones from the Nerac squad is the surprise of the year. He's getting top 5's and top 10's consistently in all the UCI races this year. The Portland based River City Cycles ladies team had two nice top 10's with Wendy Williams and Sue Butler. Also, Sam Krieg, who won both Bozeman cross races this season placed in the top 40 I believe. So, that's a good indication of where Montana's elite stand.

Halloween Cross Race

Tomorrow at 5:30 is the Halloween Cross Race at Fort Missoula. It you wear a costume you race for free. This is cannot miss event!!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Woodland Park and Herron Park Cross Photos

Natasha and Bill Westphal have posted photos of this weekend's races. I put a select few below. Here's a link to the full album,

Herron Park Cross, Doug makes it two in a row

Flathead Cycling and Steve Mueller put on a great race on Sunday. The course was technical and long.
The men's A had 10 or so starters and kicked off quick with Matt Butterfield grabbing the hole shot. As the field came together a little more at the front Doug rode away solo and took his second victory of the weekend. Bill Martin was also impressive finishing second, passing everyone but Doug. Rounding out the top 3 was Matt Butterfield, who took a great holeshot and was able to hold on for third. Ben Parsons was 4th and Eric Greenburg was 5th. I had a bad race, finishing in last place. Not all of us can get crunk the night before and race. I rode as hard as I could but the dehyradtion and sore legs, had me watching Brad Morgan and Chance Cooke easily ride away. Doug is looking awful tough, maybe it was the homecoming factor??? I think it was the beer. The more beer he drinks the better he rides. I'm excited to watch John Curry and Doug race. Hopefully, in Helena or maybe at the State Championship in Missoula. Bill Martin had a great weekend with a 2nd and a 3rd. He seems to be getting better each week.

The men's B was won by a guy from the Spokane Rocket Velo team, Micheal Sirrot. He outlasted the field by surviving crashses and technical terrain. Kyle Shannon had a great ride finishing 2nd. I thought we might have been saving something on the last lap, but he couldn't get around the 1st place rider. Chris Connelly took 3rd, riding with determination through crashes. In the early going Chris fell over the barriers taking out Erik Digby, who was unable to contine due to mechanicals.

The masters race was easily won by Steve Mueller who was also the race's promoter. Steve is an animal on the cross bike. He passed me with ease halfway through the race. Steve was consistent all day. 2nd place was Walt Chauner who passed John W. late. John was 3rd but suffered mechanicals on the last couple laps to force him out contention

The women's race was won by Michelle Richardson. I believe it was her first victory of the year. It was well deserved. She has raced consistently all year long and deserved to get the W. She took the lead and never looked back. Ady Wygman was second and Lynetter Van Aken was third.

Best Ride: Doug Shryock, Michelle Richardson
Most Aggressive: Bill Martin
Hanging Tough (crashes/mechanicals): Phil Grove