Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Props to Frank G for winning the MT Cross Championships, and making me look good in this photo (we were hanging on the back)

Props to Tim Johnson. It was a long time in between championships but he made it happen. He never gave up in the last couple laps and it paid off.

Props to US Cyclocross, folks are starting to make paper.

Props to MBRA for hopefully introducing the Best All Around Rider Award.......a step in the right direction. Also big thanks to the MBRA committee for putting in work.

Props to the Cascades for having hella snow right now (I'm headed that way tomorrow!).

Props to Snowbowl for actually having some of the better snow in the state.

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fgonz1999 said...

I was beyond hurting in that race. Thanks again for your involvment both as a rider and promoter. I think your days on the podium will be full.