Monday, December 10, 2007


Props to B. Ferencz for the sick cross movie last Tuesday. Some of those dudes can do crazy stuff. It makes me want to get a fixie and rally. To bad there was three inches of snow when I woke up today. I put up the youtube preview. Check it out if you didn't see the movie.

Props to yesterday's cross race in Rhode Island. It looked like a great event. Cyclofile will put out a video soon. Powers barely got by Todd Wells who was hopping barriers all race long. Check out the photos on Velonews. Also, Jamey Driscoll continues to creep up. He is a consistent rider and a star of the future.

Props to Club Passion's party on Friday. The fellas don't always come through on the parties but Friday's was a gem. Dale, Halp, Pitbull, Huge Daniels, and the gang came up with an excellent array of decorations and beverages. Thanks for the good time.

Props to Lolo Pass. I can't get enough of that place right now. The snow has been crappy, and Ive still been having a blast. Above is what it looks like right now.

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