Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

State Championships Preview - Women

The women's racing has been competitive this year with climax coming at Rolling Thunder. All three big name ladies crossers raced at Thunder (Michelle, Heidi, and Lisa). With new riders getting in the sport like Anna Clark, Kelly Grove, Sophia Kircos and Megan Gaskill the women's field should gain some more competition next season. Michelle has the lockdown on the Montana series, but who will win on Sunday? Lisa raced tough in Helena, and has proven she is nearly invincible when she's on her game. The Gaskill sisters will also be a threat.

The Montana women's cross scene has a bright future. We need to continue to introduce female athletes to the sport.

1st Place: Lisa Curry
I made the mistake of not picking her for Rolling Thunder. I won't do that again! Boy did she prove me wrong. If she hadn't done any other cross races this year but Thunder, I still would have picked her 1st place for the championships based on that result. Her barriers are a notch above the rest of the ladies. Her race preparation and mental focus can only be matched by Michelle. I think Lisa will take it out hard, and will be tough for any women to grab her wheel.

2nd Place: Michelle Richardson
Michelle has been racing well all season. I first saw her race in Butte and was very impressed. However, she's seemed to have gotten better every race. She had a good 3rd place at Thunder, and a nice win at Herron Park. Michelle deserves to be on the podium. If there is a jam up at the start I think Michelle can hang with Lisa for awhile.

3rd Place: Heidi Gaskill
HG is an incredible talent. In her first full cross season she went undefeated in the Missoula series. She's got the biggest engine in Montana. Her technical skills, and pure power make her a threat in any kind of biking event. I have yet to confirm her racing status for this weekend, but if she's there I think she is the only women who could take down Lisa. She had a great win at Woodland Park.

4th Place: Danyel Longmire
Danyel had a good Missoula series finishing 2nd in the last two races. She is always good for a top placing. Her mental toughness, keeps in her in any race she starts. If any of the top women are having an off day don't be surprised to see Danyel creep into the top 3.

5th Place: Megan Gaskill
Like her sister Megan had a great cross season. The power is there. If her technical skills caught up with her power she would be a huge threat. Watch out for Megan in the future, she's a tremendous athlete. For now she settles for a top 5, and looks forward to spring triathlon training.

Ladies great job this season. Good luck on Sunday.

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