Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 3rd

Thursday, November 15, 2007

State Championships Preview - Master Men

The master's men has been a fun category to follow this year. Most of the top racers, are still in great form and have high level cyclocross skills. John W has dominated the series standings, but Steve M of late has really been winning big. Other good showings this season; John Fiore raced consistently all year, Tom Sullivan had a couple good races, and John Coulthard was always up there. Props to Byron from Great Divide as well as David Schoening from the Ridley Team, they had great years as well.

With the championship up for grasp, it could be a heated masters race. Here's my picks:

1st Place: Steve Mueller
Steve is a great cyclocross racer. He is consistent from the start of the race to the finish. Since this race is with the B's, look for Steve to win the whole 11am race. He's got great power, and he knows what he's doing on the cross bike. I don't see anyone beating him.

2nd Place: John Wehyrich
The series leader has yet to take down Steve when he's on his game. John had another great year taking down the overall title. If Steven faulters, look for John to capitalize.

3rd Place: John Fiore
John is another great crosser. He raced on the Fort courses all season, and shouldn't have much problem with the championship course. If Beltz makes it technical look for John F to be right up with John W. He's a skilled rider.

4th Place: Tom Sullivan
Tom is the masters phenom this year. He had a couple spectacular performances in the Missoula series, and has placed consistent in the Montana series. If Tom has a good start, don't be surprised to see him with the front group. He's a powerhouse.

5th Place: Walt Chauner
Walt has come on strong in the last couple races. He's a great road racer, and now is into the cross. If he's there this weekend expect to see him up with the leaders.

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